Venezuelan Gorilla

JOSE BRECHNER photography was eloquent. There were two icons of the Latin American yielded, although they differ in activity, Che Guevara, who was wisely banned his image in Poland, is his favorite hero for the moment. To read more click here: Rich Dad Poor Dad. They also enchant to Castro, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Hitler. Although latter prefers not to talk about. Hitler is the secret envy of Liberals. The two characters whose portrait was released in all newspapers in South America, are loved by millions who flatter them and applaud as much as are vulgar, cheaters, liars and ignorant. These are defined as Communists but they are billionaires pretensiosos. They are arrogant and pushy.

One is a drug addict, the other is drug dealer. One ever was a good football player, the other was always a coup milico with dictatorial soul. What did Diego Maradona next to Hugo Chavez when the latter was advancing him for the umpteenth time the forthcoming Declaration of war on Colombia? It is not difficult to decipher. Maradona traveled from emergency to Caracas to join your wise counselor to decide what to do in the future, because it smelled it would not continue as coach of the Argentine national team football. The AFA resolved that problem properly, for blessing of the sport, not only Argentina but internationally. It would have to be crazy to commit the error of re-electing him to the sane and the eyes of the whole world, who saw Argentine failure as the incompetent handling of your technical product.

But what has to do with Maradona and soccer the Venezuelan Gorilla? all. Chavez is an expert in making Presidents. It did Evo Morales who is street football. Maradona or what to say. Diego enjoys greater popularity than any in the Argentina. Thirty years after the World Cup, 30 kg, and infinitely many shameful events, which produce more embarrassment than own, is wanted by 52% of Argentines.

Jorg Blech

Your authority excludes you download to the level of play of the child? Do you work too much? Do you spend time to share games and other activities? Do you feel that some behaviors of your child embarrassed you? See more defects than qualities in your child, or vice versa? You accept it or reject it?, etc. (4) Or can even formulate them even more uncomfortable questions: what you really felt towards his son (does anger, coldness, tiredness, impatience, contempt, jealousy, tenderness?) compares it pejoratively to other children, or shows subtle or obvious preferences by other children? What do you think that your child? ADHD need from you? Do you think it satisfies it properly? Do accept the emotions of his son (p. e.g. fear, anger, pain, jealousy, despair, helplessness, loneliness, envy, hatred?) how was your own childhood? Loved you adequately or feels resentful for it? How is their relationship and the overall atmosphere? (e.g., quiet, orderly, chaotic, stressed out, dispersed, boring, tense, cold, violent). etc., etc.

A civilization of mammals that bases its existence in the systematic torture of their own offspring, i.e., in the denial of our own mistakes on them, in the end, can only be a civilization unfortunate and self-destructive. (5) __1. But there are exceptions. A colleague of mine, for example, performs great childhood therapies without children! It simply ignores them and attends and re-educate only parents. The reason is obvious: If you want healthy apples, don’t improve each Apple in particular – what is as ridiculous as impossible–but cure del manzano. And the rest will be followed by itself.

2. According to the principle of Occam, we should never use explanations complex if we already have other more simple. And we should not rely on theories that we can not verify democratically (eg., if you don’t have your own electronic microscope, how avoid sooner or later be manipulated by someone who have it and claims to have discovered a terrible virus or gene?). In this regard, excellent psychodynamic model is that anyone can verify it in herself and others. In the case of children’s disorders, first thing we should do is to analyze thoroughly family relationships, both behavioral and, above all, emotional level. What usually discover, exceptions strictly neurological, will not require further assumptions. With respect to studies that supposedly discovered or show the existence of genes and drugs concerning children’s disorders, always must find out who promotes them and subsidizes, and contrast them with other studies and independent information. Our findings will almost always be outrageous. (See, e.g., mental health, the business of pain subscribers and other information on the internet (e.g., Miguel Jara, Jorg Blech, etc.) about the socioeconomic invention of mental disorders). 3 See the Conners questionnaires used 4. See ADHD, questionnaires for teachers and parents, Liliana. 5. With the proper exceptions, of course. But I mean extreme cases any time and place and, ultimately, to the average.

Diet Versus Restaurant

Some new research suggests that if you are trying to lose weight then it is better to stay at home rather than eating in a restaurant. Taking into account the fact that up to two-thirds of Americans suffer from overweight, because many of these people spend at least part of the day in restaurants and cafes. According to Dr. Carolina Cedeno, a doctor specializing in weight control, in 1978, less than 20 percent the calories consumed by Americans were eaten outside the home. However by the year 2003, the number had risen to 50 percent. Cedeno said that food restaurants tend to offer more high calorie foods, since it depends on the salt, sugar and oil. You must also bear in mind that portions of the restaurants tend to be larger than those of House, so it becomes more difficult to make healthy decisions. To have an idea: it has been estimated that restaurant portions tend to be three to four times higher than the typical sizes of the Home lots.

Another problem is that restaurants usually serve bread as accompaniment to the meal. Also the restaurant appetizers tend to be extremely high in calories. For example, a basket of fried onions can contain up to 2,000 calories. Of course that although you can not devour the entire basket, it is very likely that you eat a good portion of it if it is passed around the table. Another disturbing fact is that a large number of restaurants now offer free refills of soft drinks. This without counting that sodas also tend to be large in content, which means that you are receiving a larger portion of this drink with sugar, which is used at home. Another problem is that when we go to a restaurant we’ve been conditioned psychologically to leave clean our plates.

You can feel morally obligated to eat everything that is put in front of you, even if your weight and your health will suffer as a result. So if you’re battling against its weight, then is more advisable to stay at home before going to eat at a restaurant. Now finally I would recommend you to see a free video that will show you how you can lose weight while you eat. Without extreme diets, pills, or strenuous exercises.


For high-temperature zinc-alloy foundry and temperature of large-class mortars raining does not provide detailed analysis and investigation, courageous reforms and innovative, for a simple, secure, eco-friendly, full of strength and medium firmness, poured easily flow to easily remove and so on, exploring new ways of replacing high-temperature zinc based alloys and temperature of large-class cement slurry filling a conical mill lining-temperature of resin filling. The new filling technology since the adoption has achieved good results, mainly in the following areas: 1, easy operation with the epoxy casting technique only is streaming an adhesive surfaces of the rust, oil, powder processing fresh, resin (not solutions) E-51 chemicals of low-molecular-weight 650 nylon resin with a percentage and the order that they are added to added to mix, and shake are directamente poured into a casting pit 24 h after hardening can be put into operation. The operation without a specific temperature limit, can be carried out at any time. 2, the zero risk factor, zero pollution epoxy casting technology of chemical raw materials in the mixing process without irritating gas overflow, put an end to the dust heated to high temperatures zinc alloy toxic gases discharged into the atmosphere or the mixing of high – grade cement, safety and environmental protection. 3, Reduces costs of epoxide (not solutions) E-51, low-molecular-weight 650 nylon plastic are in general chemistry, and affordable.

Filling process is no longer need to be heated and operating procedures, can save the coke and electricity resources, greatly reducing costs. 4, Demolition easily when replacing an old maritime actions, only need to replace the liner gas welding cut waste resin due to heat naturally into blocks off, no longer occur due to bonding, due to the rough surface difficult to remove problem. 5, the labour intensity dropped to fill effectiveness in epoxy casting technique action, only two staff members, save time and energy, fast and easy. Only need to 1 h, from mixing to pouring is completed at the same time meet the filler performance, work intensity has also been reduced. 6, casting grade high technology to make the most visible effect of improving the quality of parts mounted, Orthodox, large area precision.

Because it is carried at room temperature, solidification, blowhole defect reduction casting, casting quality is greatly improved. We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase ball mill and other products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, and product quality credit enterprises.

Virtues Company

This is for me, one of the pleasures of life that is missing a lot of people to discover. Love that you can bring, this spirit can give you that eternal company which you must keep with you themselves. It is not true? With whom we are more throughout our lives is ourselves, so it is advisable to take you good to yourself, treat you and take care of yourself by yourself. To be able to make a pleasant company, since if your own company is nice, when you have more company it will be twice as nice. I have appreciated in the length and breadth of my life that there are many people who cannot be with themselves. I think it is be from here to there led by the wind and little rightly imposed. I.e. If you wind is wearing because you don’t have clear toward where you are going.

The first step is to know you, know that it is what you want and projecting into it in order to be one part of this society and what is more important, learn to love yourself. It seems to me a terrible scorn towards self can’t be alone with themselves, i.e. now I have to stay with this person and if it takes me I begin to put the nerves. Another example: has happened Me something terrible, I need to call someone to get you comfort me. Just a sample of internal weakness that we couldn’t learn with practice. We agree that the person is by nature sociable, i.e., by nature we relate and is a staple at a personal level, and even more in these times that they run. That need to be in a family, either that or friendships, but always in community or in relationship with people, why be alone or single always wouldn’t make sense in addition to be damaging ourselves.


Although metals hot welding is the most common method to join metals, often not there is indispensable welders or specific tools to carry them out. Another option are the glues or mastics, safe and easy to handle, with which it is possible to make solid joints is the so-called cold welding does not apply heat in some metals, like the pewter and lead, since they melt at very low temperatures. In addition, the torch damage the patina of many metal objects. Glues and putties, which substituted provisionally or definitively to welding heat can be used to repair them. The most useful are described below. Resin adhesives epoxy.

They consist of two elements which have to be mixed so that the welding hardens. When applied, can be covered with a plastic or a piece of aluminum foil so they don’t drip. They make very strong joints. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. Stick metal in a few seconds. They are suitable for repairing small surfaces.

Synthetic fillers consist of adhesive and a hardener, mixing equal parts with fingers to make a dough intended to fill cracks, cracks or defects in welding. Harden in cold, even with water, so it is also used to fix pipes and joints to pressure. If you add them metallic powders, improves the finish, although some already include them. How to glue two pieces of metal surfaces must be clean of rust, paint and grease. It is a break, not whether sanding the edges so the union conceals better. Mix and apply the adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and strengthen the union with tape or masking tape while adhesive dries. Repair holes and cracks in metal with epoxy resins synthetic putties parts are suitable to cover holes; they have the advantage of can be colored with pigment according to the tonality of the piece of metal. On the assumption that it is not easy to manipulate the PuTTY will be necessary to add kaolin to favour its denseness. You need to first plug the holes in one of the sides with plasticine, tape or clay that can serve as support to the implementation of the PuTTY. Apply the PuTTY with a putty knife, waits for it hardens and is then polished to smooth the surface. Indicate if you want to repair a valuable item, it is advisable to leave it in specialized hands since a misapplication of these products can cause irreversible damage to the workpiece. However, it is never more to consult a manual of appropriate for this DIY.

Working from Home

What the difficulties in finding a work from home? Which are the advantages that really have the ability to work from home? If you would like you can also find the chances of achieving this objective? It is a new it was and nothing is more advantageous to work from the comfort of home. The possibilities of savings not only in money but wear physical and mental are amazing. For those who are mothers have warranty take care of what really interests us are our children, our family, our years and our professional future. Does that prevents us from then work from home if the advantages are enormous and the internet offer us endless possibilities? The first and most important is the mistrust that brings with it working with a person that you don’t know personally, this difficulty is rooted in what we are a bit older and are still tied to the classic system of the hand grip and deal face to face. On the other hand this the dark side of the internet, I am referring to those who use the internet to do harm rather than to learn, get distracted or become millionaires. The more young people maybe are not so encrispados in the case of internet as a tool and future is more natural for them communicate in this way.

I think it all depends on yourself and the conscious which is what wants of life and its priorities on when time and gain. True internet is full of garbage but also everything you need to succeed, only you should choose carefully that is for you and not in reliance on what you are looking for. We face the next. Who you work for? If you work for example in a supermarket or a clinic or a corporate office? That feeling you experience when you leave your children at school and you go to your job all day and when the years pass not even you can approach your children because they have lost the personal contact with you, trust or simply the complicity that is created from your crib.

Remember The Definition Of Insanity

Dont Count on the Past to Predict the Future. This value is also used in order to calculate other measurements that are used to determine a companys financial and operational performance. Make certain that you have all of the above and you will soon see a DRAMATIC increase in your collection results. First, recognize what your firm may be doing wrong in managing its receivables. Accounts receivable represent sales that have not yet been collected as cash. Make it plain to your attorneys that the firm needs to get a better handle on aging accounts receivable, and if there is no chance of collecting in a given instance, they need to alert the firm.

The stigma wherewithal partly due to the collective memory of nasty letters and pushy pheleven calls Off the back, that means that the amount recorded in accounts receivable though making assets look good will not be actualized. The danger with this estimated is that if the allowance for excellent debt is under estimates, then accounts receivable and net income will be overstated and returns on investments and equity (ROI and ROe) will be inaccurate. Missing supplier discounts can be no small deal since I personally know of to distributor who takes the savings from quick pay discounts as his annual bonus since he sees it as a reflection of his good management and the business loans for women. do we truly have a good program in place, or are we just kidding ourselves that what we are doing is working? Firm culture can be just an excuse for Beaudry. Gather the Right Information. A low receivables turnover ratio means that the business should re-examine its credit policies to ensure the timely collection of imparted credit, which will really help in earning interest for the firm. It is twenty three of the mode for increasing sales and expanding business.