Shah Rukh Khan live on stage in the autumn in Germany Shah Rukh Khan and friends live on stage tour kick-off in Rotterdam Ahoy arena was on June 21, 2008 late afternoon and played in the large square in front of the Ahoy arena in Rotterdam/Netherlands nearly empty. But this should not be permanent, because […]

Think Oscar

The one of them. We celebrate Jamal’s life. With us, sings and dances to anywhere. This is Indian, so are we!” “It turns out that there is another still homage to Bollywood in slum dog” is. When she is asked why, Salim was a so negative figure, Luke Tandan confesses that is even their favorite […]

Frank Lars – Winner

Frank Lars – winner’s new album there are the emotional extreme, usually very bitter times on one of each genre to top form artist running. Only the recovery from a painful loss of private has the real winners will make the former “sunny boy” of the German Schlager. Frank Lars, the seemingly cool Fox macho, […]

Gran Canaria

Of the thirteen, now successfully drummed by various school bands. At the same time his mother taught home guitar playing him. Little later, his musical multi talent was obvious: he could not only skillfully with the drums and the guitar, but also with the bass deal. At the request of the mother, taught something decent […]

Andreas Gabalier – Heart Plant

The ancient Greeks put together when they created concepts, often likes these parts. Learn more about this with Robert Kiyosaki. Like in a wash, then developed a new Word. The logic behind this is clear, because the way to through the use of building blocks to understand what is meant. Off??? cars ‘self’ and?? “” […]

Herbert Gronemeyers Press Conference

New concert tour 2011 starts in Rostock Herbert Gronemeyer goes back on tour and it kicks off in Rostock. Today, the 54-year old in a press conference at the Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune announced 2011 the data for his Germany tour and was delighted to be back in Rostock-Warnemunde guest. Fans can experience two […]