Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence: a new form of intelligent or something more than what is already known in the field of human apprehension? Castro EA INIFTA, Sucursal 4, PO Box 16, 1900 La Plata, Argentina e-mail: Introduction What is what we call "reality"? Can you see reality as it is supposed to be? What good is knowing what is real? Do we have the necessary and sufficient to grasp reality? What is intelligible? Are there one or more human intelligence? Is it possible to develop the cognitive capacity? These and many other questions arise immediately the same tenor as the human being reflects on his person, life, destiny, the very purpose of existence, the value of human experience and its relationship with other beings and nature. How are you questions are as old as humanity itself, much as humans have struggled to find answers, all kinds of experiences and make different interpretations, always driven by this desire primitive known and unknown. Thus, it appears that all human expressions are the same lives of men and women and their works are nothing but an exalted expression of these key search. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a specific topic that has close ties with the previously raised and the discussion of which may offer some interesting alternatives and also provide some valuable tools for the task of the investigation, search and even a successful raise of issues: spiritual intelligence (EI). The paper is organized as follows: In the following section provides some background about the IE and then analyzes this type of intelligence in relation to other forms of intelligible.