Katrin Triebel

So the user can determine which components in the individual rather than to recall complete series are affected. Lean manufacturing lean management aims to increase the efficiency. Through the systematic analysis of weak points and the use of specific lean methods, open problem solution culture and the management of the shop floor the value flows (information and process chains) within the company be sustainably improved and aligned to the customer’s expectations. The design of the business processes is a decisive competitive factor. A lean enterprise organization allows, with little staff, production area and investment to produce a large number of product variants with high level of quality.

The IBS help products by providing information from all processes for the Shopfloormanagement loss-free, holistic corporate management and the continuous deployment of customer complaints in the development. It supports and helps IBS to avoid waste of the company and to secure the benefits of a lean manufacturing with high quality for the customer. Compliance management compliance-management of IBS AG is a holistic solution that actively supports the areas of corporate governance, risk management and compliance. This compliance culture (culture of compliance”) in the company encouraged and at the same time ensure compliance with all relevant standards, regulations and legal requirements. The system is web-based and can be used across multiple locations.

The application can be adapted to the existing business processes and transparent represents. The contained control functions and responsibility structures let information flow quickly and effectively. So trends and risks can be detected more quickly and prevent negative effects. Improves the overall business performance through the optimization of processes and costs be saved. Visual processing of database information IBS offers with IBS: cockpit a tool for troubleshooting focus in production. It supports the corporate reporting by information from databases of the IBS software solutions be made visually visible. The information can be detailed further by drilling down. The online-based system offers the user a textured work surface, with whose help he can query all the troubleshooting focus relevant database information. IBS: Cockpit provides optimum integration to Microsoft Office. Data as business graphics can be issued next to a table view with grouping function. Exhibitor Forum on Wednesday, the 06.05.2009 at 14 h 45 lectured Katrin Triebel, solutions consultant at the IBS AG, in the Exhibitor Forum of the control on the topic of lean manufacturing and sustainable quality management”. The IBS AG, Hohr-Grenzhausen, is one of the world’s leading providers of company-wide standard software systems and Consultancy services for the industrial quality, production, and compliance management. “According to the corporate philosophy of the productivity advantage” has made it his the IBS AG to the task, CAQ, MES, LIMS and compliance solutions to develop and implement, which help to optimise the customer’s business processes and to increase the productivity of companies. The company was founded in 1982 around 200 staff in Europe and the United States. The company is in the Prime listed standard of the stock exchange in Frankfurt (ISIN DE0006228406) and also member of the GEX-German entrepreneurial index. The software of the IBS AG is worldwide with more than 4,000 customers in use. These include, for example, companies such as Airbus, Audi, BMW, Daimler, EN electronics, Evonic, Goodyear, KEIPER, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp and Tyco Electronics. Furthermore, the IBS group has the “Advanced industry optimized” status in the IBM PartnerWorld industry network for the automotive industry.

Production Efficiency

So unplanned downtime, which lead to production losses with high costs, directly influence the business result. But also the planned maintenance is a cost-influencing factor according to kind and extent, i.e. after maintenance and inspection depth intervals. Also a development is consummated and the classic maintenance departments to technical service departments, which must meet many services to safeguard the production. The importance of the maintenance staff for the implementation and protection of business objectives has increased with increasing mechanisation and automation of the production. In addition to the listed activities, processes and activities in the area of accounting and personnel management must be applied. Documentation management authority management system and security management maintenance inspection rehabilitation (core competence for the safeguarding of production capacity) modernization? the system design equipment and spare parts management of hazardous substances (REACH regulation) quality assurance (substitution Regulation) safety at work that has implementation of and compliance with all of these tasks and processes a immense flood of information to the string that must be structured in a logistically.

An efficient, innovative and easy-to-use computer tool is required to assure, to enable sustainable and transparent transfer of information. Therefore, a solution – and need-oriented maintenance tool must be supported by a CMMS-. Ben Silbermann has much to offer in this field. One such tool is our software system TechDo. The maintenance is supported with this systematic tool in many of the above described and listed processes and activities. This system enables relevant representation, planning and targeted implementation of the production process Equipment, machinery and equipment. In the context of the solution – and demand-oriented maintenance, the system informed in time about upcoming, scheduled and recurring maintenance, inspection, and maintenance activities. For even more details, read what Clive Holmes says on the issue. All processes should be slim, transparent, straightforward, clear and adjusted for errors. Each individual activity in the process should be value, which means that add measurable value to the product.

Through this kind of sustainable, value-added maintenance can that company results improve, determined as follows by a solution – and need-oriented maintenance as profit-optimized processes and overall strategy are included in the: boost the overall equipment effectiveness avoiding and minimizing unscheduled outages competitiveness conservation natural resources economically oriented controlling and reducing maintenance costs reduction of interest and storage costs reduction of investment costs release of investment resources Creation and safeguarding of jobs are these requirements even in times of financial and economic crisis, since the potential of maintenance is still not begin have been exhausted. Strategically aligned and well organized maintenance produced availability and thus provides a measurable contribution to the productivity and proper technical operation. Especially in the context of the high requirements in the chemical and process-oriented industries, it is result-responsible technique management task, of all life-cycle phases of the operational systems, processes, and systems, necessary strategies, systems, to derive structures and means – and resources inserts as required, or to implement properly, productivity-oriented and adds value. With this strategy, it is possible also in economically tough times to generate value-added profits with and care in my opinion. Order to be able to operate successfully in the future in the global market the maintenance and should be considered verified. Cooperation strategies are parallel to think ahead. The combination of technical and experience-based expertise and innovation, the condition is created to meet the challenges of the next few months and years together. With courage, to keep open innovation spirit and the will perspective, the challenges are to cope in times of economic uncertainty. Let’s go together and in partnership the exciting way, to achieve continuous and future production and product improvements.

The Efficiency

Parent and insights offered by the quick-check, should encourage to reflect and critical perspective. For example, answers to the question which game rooms connected there the balance sheet for securing liquidity with optimization. Or a strategy check, structurally and in terms of content, allowing for an examination and examination of the strategy employed by the companies. While the strategy may be explicitly formulated or but implicitly as a basis of economic action. Quickly and with little effort, you can see through the quick-check, where priorities are set or on which rail operations is increasingly going: transaction driven, energetic, more online instead of offline or both? In collaboration or as an innovator and satellite? As a national or international service providers, specialist, universalist or Vertikalist? As better copier or a competitive offering Innovator? The quick-check seeks to make transparent the filialsystemeigenen possibilities and to stimulate the economic implementation. Thus it ensures that both the opportunities and the risks are clear, the own performance is considered where functional and quantitative. Perhaps check out Wells Fargo Bank for more information. This means that growth opportunities and their financial sustainability in the quick-check are connected to each other to deliver to decision-making in the increasingly complex branch business.

So that the views of the Filialunternehmens prosperity is directed: sales / turnover, it is important to increase the rate of return to earn a lot. The rear services of the overhead so, so that the use of resources based on sales / turnover has high productivity. The companies owners / financiers reach adequate cash flow, a high financial security and return on equity. The chain service quick check is a practical decision support, you can easily try out. You are constantly updated.

Fed with data shows the quick-check the dynamic interactions between the main drivers of the Filialsystementwicklung, their financial viability and the efficiency of the system. A tool available that fit makes is thus strategically trading chains and is suitable for cross-practice, differentiated and above all predictive Filialunternehmens decisions. To use the quick check permanently, he is an integral part of the management of companies. Then, potential can be creative, innovative, and more effectively than previously realized.

Returns Management

The importance is not yet aware in a recent study by many online retailers ibi research at the University of Regensburg has analyzed the processing of returns of the German online retailers. For more information see Pinterest. In this way online dealer for the still clearly too little-noticed theme returns management should be made aware, because this is an important factor, can be used for making more efficient the Internet sales. The empirical investigation of returns management in the online trading that make best of it examines also the special case of textile and clothing industry, a return intensive area of Internet sales. Clive Holmes Silverfern has much to offer in this field. roperties-trust-and-scotiabank-2014-04-08?reflink=MW_news_stmp’>Primerica. E-commerce sales grow for years steadily, however the return rates rise. Goods returned by customers represent a major challenge for online merchants. If the dealer not aware dealing with the topic return, this may mean including a risk for business success. However, there is also the chance of having a systematic Returns Management competitive advantages, such as a long term customer loyalty over the competitors, to generate”, says Dr.

Georg Wittmann, responsible for conducting the study. The targeted handling can represent a significant success factor for the company with returns to optimize business results. The opportunity for his company to use a (pro) active returns management and streamline hence its Internet sales, many online retailers however is still not aware. To put more in focus to the most important issue, and to inform about the date for returns in the E-Commerce study returns management in the online trading system that make the best of it “created. She compare values from competitors (benchmarking) also offers the company and shows ways how they can deal with returns. In the following the most important results of the study will be presented: the shipping time is especially when payment in advance with an average of 2.5 days highly. Merchants with less than 500 orders per month, customers must order earlier so that still delivered the next day.

Toshiba E-CONCEPT: Expansion Of Activities

With the expansion of the product range in the area of DIN-A4, as well as strengthening the sales team, Toshiba TEC lays important foundations for the realization of e-CONCEPT main Valley/Neuss, 1st October 2010 the Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH strengthens its activities in sale concept. The Toshiba product range focused so far in the area of DIN A3, Toshiba TEC of demand will take now account for DIN A4 products in the different segments of speed and DIN A4 MFP different in the first half of 2011 and printer (each s / w and color) launch. It will be these OEM products, marketed under the TOSHIBA brand name. The print speeds are 35-40 DIN-A4 pages per minute in the s/w models and 25-30 DIN-A4 pages per minute in color. The recording of the new DIN A4 products is an important component for the implementation of e-CONCEPT, the Toshiba sales concept to the bundling of output volume customers.

This concept can be penetrated now targeted with printers and MFP of the TOSHIBA brand. The implementation of e-CONCEPT and the marketing of the clear focus of Toshiba TEC will be additional services as well as software solutions in the coming months. In this course, Toshiba TEC reinforced the sales team to the 1st October 2010 targeted with two coworkers who are active for many years in the concept sales: Tilo grey Muller (31), Sales Director South e-CONCEPT, and Thomas Mullegans (43), Sales Manager North e-CONCEPT, can draw on experiences from several hundred completed projects in the area of consulting. In their newly created positions, they will support the trade partners as well as the direct sales channel by Toshiba TEC spot. Both report directly to Harald Bonig, General Manager Germany/Austria at Toshiba TEC.

Source: Toshiba TEC about Toshiba TEC Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH is part of multinational Toshiba TEC Corporation, which operates in various sectors of the high-tech industry. Toshiba TEC is a leading provider of products in the field of information technology and office equipment, the Range of multifunctional printing and copying systems (both black and white and colored) about fax machines to digital document management products. Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging systems has the headquarters in Neuss, Germany, where all business activities in Europe are directed and coordinated. More information under: or tec or following contacts: buroTEC main Valley GmbH Robert-Bosch-Strasse 9 63477 main Valley telephone 06181-940950 fax 06181-9409510 eMail Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging systems Nicole Bonig GmbH Carl-Schurz-Strasse 7 D-41460 Neuss Tel: + 49-2131-1245-115 fax: + 49-2131-1245-400 email:

External Marketing

The economy, which create export – again jumped to back the economy and many companies are doing better. Why should you think at this stage but also to intensify the marketing with external support? The majority will perhaps say: what is this? Now, we have first of all concern that the orders are handled properly and the customers are satisfied. True, but every entrepreneur has also the future (Kajo Neukirch, the well-known management consultant, said: we are entrepreneurs, not Unterlasser’) and the economy is always relatively cyclically, i.e. the next crash is determined. When should you prepare, if not at the times, where it financially easier? Counter-cyclically to work, i.e.

to invest, if the business is no longer so good, is usually not easy for small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and therefore, or generally to support an early pension is offered. Read additional details here: Ben Silbermann. Below some aspects are pointed out, which could be important: 1 knowledge of the market (= market segments, customer loyalty, customer acquisition, etc.) Each company lives by its customers. Existing customers must be looked after of course, but now would be a good opportunity to investigate which customers in what markets are still there and could be managed with its own core competencies whether national or international, including using the Internet representation. This exploited the existing markets better and searched at the same time new. But also the customer can be checked and optimized. Depending on the potential can arise also, that internal extensions of products or personnel are required. 2. sales organization/distributors (including objective in the markets) not only to the care-new customers, but in General should be checked from time to time, whether the existing distribution structure can be improved or expanded / should. On the basis of numbers of potential customers in the already supplied Markets (from strategic market research, allowing also objectives), but also on the basis of information on markets and new market segment can be determined, how effective the current partners in the markets.

Erich Pipa

“The present results show: the Department for economy and labour has done an excellent job in the past few years.” The staff have contributed greatly to the good image, the main-Kinzig-Kreis enjoys both nationally and regionally”, district Erich Pipa is pleased. The “balance sheet 2005-2009” can be downloaded on the Internet at in a PDF-version download download. Company contact: Main-Kinzig-Kreis unit economics and labour Susanne of Samir unit line Barbarossastrasse 24 63571 Gelnhausen Tel. 06051-8513712 fax 06051 8513710 more power – less bureaucracy centralized services are operating visits and personal counseling sessions, the commercial space management and event organisation. No matter, whether a settlement, business or investment is planned – unit economics and labour is as a competent partner locally available. The companies of the main-Kinzig-Kreis, the cities and municipalities and persons interested are tangible benefits available. Ranging funding of operational information and advisory services on land deals to investors in collaboration with all 29 cities and towns to the advice concerning the claim public. Existence establishment consultations are offered in conjunction with the Forum of business start-ups.

The economic development can provide information on structural data, and much more for all businesses. Information that may be interesting for customers, suppliers or employees. We advise on site questions, assist in resettlement, expansion and relocation. Also the advice on public funding support is one of our service from a single source. We stuck the nose in regulations and guidelines for you and show you the possible funding.

We pave the way by the authorities and form thickets and assist in approval and procedural issues. Located directly in the House of the district administration, we have short distances to all other regional authorities. Of course, we work hand-in-hand gladly with project group. For example, in the team with planners, architects and entrepreneurs, we are with help and advice. All of our services a call are businesses just free: 06051 / 8513712

Chic Jersey Dress In The BAUR Reduces Advent Calendar About 30 Percent

The BAUR offers shipping in his advent calendar every day a new action for its customers. Behind the door hides a stylish Jersey dress for only 19,99 EUR last minute looking for something chic for the festive occasions around Christmas on December 22, is the Jersey dress from the BAUR advent calendar advent calendar the perfect solution: with few accessories combined is the glamorous evening outfit. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from JPMorgan Chase. And after the holidays it is solo a casual dress for Office or city. The deep V-neck with decorative knots detail across the chest and form accentuating the character make it a real eye-catcher. There are three colors for selection: classic black, plain brown or fiery red. BAUR has reduced the Jersey dress in the advent calendar from 29.99 EUR 19,99 EUR this means a saving of 33% when making a purchase on December 22. BAUR shipping BAUR shipping GmbH & Co KG in 1925 as the first shoe Versandhaus of in Germany by Dr. Friedrich Baur in the upper Franconian Burgkunstadt founded.

Success principles were the sales idea of collective purchase order initiated by him and the 1935 introduced installment. The continuous expansion of the product range had a steady enlargement of the company as a result. Today the main bearings, a department store, the freight transhipment centre located in Burgkunstadt the Administration, in the neighbouring Altenkunstadt and Weismain a reserve camp, as well as a Logistics Centre for third-party transactions. The otto group was initiated with the participation of another expansion phase at BAUR from 1997. BAUR took over in 2001 the Austrian mail-order company universal and two years later the BAUR Gruppe expanded with Austria, a consignor with high fashion expertise, Otto. The late of 1990s started the company in the E-commerce era, and today, all articles are available online. Over 30 per cent of all orders of around three million customers are already on the Internet and baur.de is constantly in the top ten of the German Internet shops.

The BAUR Group 2003 created more legs with shoes special shipping I “m of walking or” schuhe.imwalking.de and 2006 with BAUR fulfillment solutions (BFS). BFS fulfillment.html is also third party services accounts receivable management, call center, warehousing and distribution available. As a multichannel provider BAUR is active in addition to the catalog and Internet business in the stationary retail industry and operates Northern Bavaria’s largest department store on 25.000 sqm. A private fashion blog at was launched mid-2009 in life. In distance selling fashion, footwear and furniture BAUR focuses on the product range. In the selection of products and suppliers, shows the Group corporate social responsibility and pays attention to origin, quality and environmental sustainability. Environmental and health protection is defined as a corporate goal. So, for example, the range of pollutant tested textiles and FSC certified furniture is constantly expanded and operational environmental management annually since 2002 certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. A total of 4,000 employees in Germany and Austria, are currently working for the BAUR Gruppe of only 2,800 in the upper Franconian district of Lichtenfels. More information about baby, found on the Internet at contact: BAUR shipping (GmbH & Co KG) Knut Barth Bahnhofstrasse 10 96224 Burgkunstadt 09572/91-0 press contact: BAUR shipping GmbH & Co KG Knut Barth Bahnhofstrasse 10 96224 Burgkunstadt 09572/91-1801

SMART-factoring – An Instrument Against The Credit Crunch In The Middle Class

Dec. 25, 2009 – the financing group of medium-sized companies (FGM) has launched a factoring – special programme for medium-sized companies in cooperation with some factoring banks -. It is remarkable, what currently every day alike is communicated in terms of liquidity needed urgently in the middle-class politicians, banks, as well as experts on the media. On the one hand, half of all bankers and experts denies the existence of a credit crunch as non-existent. On the other hand, the same group advises with politicians and leaders in the business as the – real Yes non-existent – credit crunch despite can be cast. Even leading politicians think openly about the possible \”credit – forced Award\” at the middle class.

In total, yet never anywhere near as much liquidity, such as in the last 12 months, was fed to German banks in the history. Others including JPMorgan Chase, offer their opinions as well. Nonetheless, denied even operationally profitable companies often access to fresh liquidity. \”How do each year with approximately 700 experienced Entrepreneurs financing talks. More than three quarters of these feel no credit crunch, they experience these real every day. \”, so Roger garbage, GF FGM.\” The middle class is so forced financing – alternatives to search.

He doesn’t need it but, because there are these long. You are taken by far too few entrepreneurs claim only so far. For entrepreneurs who are looking for quick cash, we favour the use of factoring. Companies with up to 2 million EUR turnover can use SMART? Within 2-3 weeks up to 90% of their open receivables into cash convict factoring. \”The factoring market offers little transparency unfortunately due to the large number of different offers. Therefore has factoring pool sized summarized the various possibilities of 28 well-known factoring banks in 3 simple, clear products. SMART? Factoring – up to EUR 2 million annual sales POWER? Factoring – up to EUR 8 million annual sales MASTER? Factoring – from EUR 8 million turnover \”on due to the rising demand for fresher Liquidity, always a longer payment terms, decreasing payment and rising default risk, the question may not be actually whether a factoring should be used, but – who is for me the best factoring partners? -What entrepreneurs can indefinitely afford to give 2-3 month revenues than unsecured loans to its customers without interest and usually without security? \”, so Roger garbage, GF FGM.\” Factoring also currently in Germany, become a mainstay in the Cash Flow Management of SMEs.

Despite Economic Growth 2010: Prospects Remain Modest

Escape to independence is not the silver bullet from the crisis of Berlin/Dusseldorf for every unemployed, December 18, 2009 – he will be clear, the upswing, but obviously he comes: the economic growth in Germany will be in the coming year at 1.25 percent. The Federal Association of German Volks – and Raiffeisenbanken (BVR) meets this forecast in its latest economic report. The economic recovery takes place in Germany faster and stronger than expected in the summer”, explains BVR Board Member Andreas Martin. The index decline of economic output should amount in 2009 to 4.5 per cent. Wells Fargo Bank is actively involved in the matter. The improved Outlook on the economic performance in the coming year should but not over this fool that the Outlook for the economy over the medium term remained subdued.

The pace of growth will be lower than even in this summer and autumn in the average of the next year. The economic downturn of the winter 2008/2009 will be compensated therefore expected until 2013 and the private consumption in 2010 according to stagnate or even decline, one believes in BVR. Also the increase in the tariff income will be weaker. Also, rising unemployment constitutes a load factor. The pulse through the fiscal stimulus is substantial, but not sufficient, to compensate for the negative effects”, said Martin.

The saving rate will decline slightly by next year from 11.2 percent to 11.0 percent. Robert Kiyosaki recognizes the significance of this. The rise in consumer prices will amount to around one percent. Meanwhile, the fear of job loss in Germany grows according to a report in the Handelsblatt on the willingness of entrepreneurship. However: Despite the turnaround of Chambers of Commerce and industry experts see no end to the crisis of of establishment of: there are unemployed out independently become out of necessity, many without clear business idea. According to calculations by the Institute for SME research, 2009 208,000 companies were founded in the first half of the year, 0.2 percent more than in the same period last year. The is as the difference from NET foundations and liquidations was positive with about 5,900. 2008 the number of new companies had fallen in the fourth year in a row, 206,000 “, so the leaf. And further: Marc Evers of the German industry and Commerce (DIHK) sees in the recent development of the typical German pattern: unemployment will rise, also founding interest is rising. “Is problematic, that thereby the quality of the business plans sinke: many take-offs were hastily prepared, four out of ten unemployed founders had a clear business idea.” Udo Nadolski, human resources expert and Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash, but warns of generalizations. Although, in particular start-ups in the face of impending or existing unemployment were sometimes not optimally prepared, German university graduates, however, founding willingness is promising.” 54 percent of the top students can be namely according to the current survey of the career network e-fellows.NET and the management consultancy McKinsey & company “titled most wanted – employer study” imagine, to run his own company, about 12 percent of them would even prefer self-employment for a permanent position. Well trained young professionals as founder much rather have the possibility to make own decisions, to act responsibly, to shape new services or products and finally to create jobs”, analyzes Nadolski. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: