Kuhn Chain

About the consumer want solution for innovative service, food and non-food sales types now online and offline at any time at any place in any situation. Also he wants to pleasure themselves by doing something good for themselves, what is healthy and at the same time sustainable. . That is if you want to serve this demand as a chain? Yes it is. However, it is this necessary to revitalize existing, because both the Filialsystemorganisation, the Filialhandelsmarketing and operative branch business perspective be renewed under the “essential and leaving out do”. This strengthens the clout, is economical, creates competitive advantages.

Chain stores were always fine, if the offer met on those buyers who bought it. Increasingly pushing now stock formats, international competitors, or expansive niche in the market, both stationary and online trading. At your shopping center are highly popular. On the other hand always considerations are, no matter in which segment the in the Filialhandel, present Consumers finding better, faster and cheaper and to bind. Which in former times was rather cumbersome, it is today even for unskilled to online merchants are simply and to make hard life with entirely new value chains established chain stores.

By technological change manages to inspire buyers mass. What once was the catalog showroom retail, the television, the PC, the Tablet are notebook or your Smartphone today. Even large shipping – or used-car salesman feel. You win online what is lost in the mail-order business. This shows how enlightened consumers now are and respond to service offerings, no matter whether on or offline – judiciously. The Kuhn show new studies emanating from the branch system – and Filialhandelsmarketing KUHN6Pi specialists for chain stores (www.kuhn-filialisten-restrukturierer.org) which is why this is so, the online trading compared to the offline-Filialhandel has a high acceptance. From a consumer perspective this corresponds to, what online full-range supplier, specialist, or virtual branded shops offer, rather one sees what still not or no longer offered is stationary via Filialhandelsmarketing – once off by low prices, whose stimulating enough food but hardly to sales growth in the segment.