Stalin Legacy

Authorities take into account the fact that the capital they have no political support, so they will be in the province, as it were comfortable. But the MPs have to rush in Kutaisi several times a month, and it is connected with considerable additional costs, the more that will go to the plenary sessions. Not to mention the cost of construction of the parliamentary building. Well, it "thrifty". Simplex may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Tolerate, and okay.

But then – another problem: it seems to place selected for the parliament building that thing where you installed the Memorial of Glory. But why? Is not there would be another? Question – rhetorical. Simplex Reviews has similar goals. Just as many believe, it was necessary to satisfy the instinct of destruction, not the first time disguised wicked elite relevance of "democratic creativity." One historian somehow believes that President Saakashvili is trying in this way to get rid of Stalin's legacy. Is it only in this case? Not daring to carry while in the museum courtyard of the monument to Stalin in Gori, for righteous anger countrymen will not be able to avoid the president, Mr. Saakashvili came up with a "compensatory" move. But where does that same "dark Stalin's legacy "when it comes to the blessed memory of the victims in a holy war? In other words, what happens is that there is not one year in this country, when decisions are made, not because they objectively serve the interests of State and society, and because it is like an authoritarian government with its own "ideas" and their scores with both internal and external opponents.

Land Code

I recall that in the article that caused today’s discussion, the main issue was the official rudeness, VA Kurtsevicha against the inhabitants of the village, which recognized the local precinct. Also, the material refers to the sale of land in violation of the law. Head of the District in its rebuttal says that the administration of the Tambov region in the provision of land Kurtsevichu 70 sq.m. cadastral number 68:20:2801003:290 under construction garage acted in accordance with Russian law. At the same time we have a response from the prosecution of the Tambov region of 22.09.2010 7-582-2010, where the audit lined violation of the legislation when allocating land Kurtsevichu by order of administration of the Tambov district 2880 from 30.07.2010 “On granting a lease of land used for construction garage.

” In particular, the announcement of the granting of land lease was published in the special edition of the newspaper “Pritambove” from 08.04.2010 17 (7608), which is not a periodical printed publication. This ruling issued in violation of paragraph 2 of Article 30 and Article 34 of the Land Code, in connection with which it is opposed by the prosecutor of Tambov region. From this response it is clear that the earth really was passed in violation of Russian law. Later in the article there is a moment where I note that Kurtsevich operates not one, but under the patronage of the village council chairman of the AI Nechaev and deputy. Chapter KY Turchannikova.

Deteriorating Relations

Talk about the achievements of Azerbaijan in 2009 is difficult because it was an extremely difficult year for Azerbaijan because of deteriorating relations with the United States and Western countries in general, Azerbaijani political analyst Vafa Guluzade. "USA – leading Western countries, but the ambassador of this country for six months, not in Baku, which is very undesirable. On the other hand, it is desirable to avoid friction with the European Union and the Council of Europe, and for that Azerbaijan must fulfill all obligations obligations. See JPMorgan Chase for more details and insights. The fact that Azerbaijan has two main priorities in foreign policy – the EU and the United States as important for us is integration into the EU and NATO. Now, in a cooling of relations and exchange of unpleasant statements to each other about any integration and can be no question, "- said Guluzade. Read more here: Rick Dad, Poor Dad. According to him, the most important event of the year, which occurred not only by Azerbaijan, but also the Turkish public, is that we managed to slow down the process of rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia and the Turkish-Armenian border. "I believe that this issue has taken the leadership of Azerbaijan fundamental steps and individual actions to prevent this act. Since the achievement of peace and reconciliation on the part of Turkey with the aggressor state, occupied 20% of Azerbaijani territory, fell to our country. But this, fortunately, managed to escape "- Guluzade said. Referring to relations with Russia, in his opinion, they are in the past year, Azerbaijan has not changed.