Land Code

I recall that in the article that caused today’s discussion, the main issue was the official rudeness, VA Kurtsevicha against the inhabitants of the village, which recognized the local precinct. Also, the material refers to the sale of land in violation of the law. Head of the District in its rebuttal says that the administration of the Tambov region in the provision of land Kurtsevichu 70 sq.m. cadastral number 68:20:2801003:290 under construction garage acted in accordance with Russian law. At the same time we have a response from the prosecution of the Tambov region of 22.09.2010 7-582-2010, where the audit lined violation of the legislation when allocating land Kurtsevichu by order of administration of the Tambov district 2880 from 30.07.2010 “On granting a lease of land used for construction garage.

” In particular, the announcement of the granting of land lease was published in the special edition of the newspaper “Pritambove” from 08.04.2010 17 (7608), which is not a periodical printed publication. This ruling issued in violation of paragraph 2 of Article 30 and Article 34 of the Land Code, in connection with which it is opposed by the prosecutor of Tambov region. From this response it is clear that the earth really was passed in violation of Russian law. Later in the article there is a moment where I note that Kurtsevich operates not one, but under the patronage of the village council chairman of the AI Nechaev and deputy. Chapter KY Turchannikova.