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Apparently, the investors have tired of the ups and downs of oil prices after the turbulent last week once and remain largely in wait. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Apparently, the investors have tired of the ups and downs of oil prices after the turbulent last week once and remain largely in wait. In the course of the day the quotes moving only slightly upwards, to surrender their profits then at noon. With the opening of floor trading, a modest rise was then again to observe, so that US light oil (WTI) to 86 dollars climbed; North Sea oil (Brent) to $109. Frequently Hyundai has said that publicly. “The market appears on the new reality, namely weak economic growth, adapt quickly”, commented Commerzbank analyst Eugen Weinberg the State of things. Despite infuriating economic data from virtually all over the world, oil prices seem to have reached their bottom. Hyundai may also support this cause. The speculators are apparently will, to keep the price level – at a surprisingly high level, considered one the gloom and doom of recent weeks.

It remains to be seen what kind of stimulus in the coming days from the Get financial industry and the economy. Local heating oil trade also lost some fluctuations in the prices and the quantity of orders in recent days. Today, slightly falling costs have been reported with low sales. The national average price for the 100-litre game of a total supply of 3,000 litres heating oil EL, up 34 cents to 82.10 euros decreased. Compared to mid-July, consumers with a full delivery save around 100 euros. Here the values of previous years: price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2010 66.66 HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2009 58,16 price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2008 85,32 price HEL 3,000 litres on August 15, 2007 60,07 price HEL 3,000 litres to the 15.08.2006 63,87. This article and many more information about the energy market found on the online portal of the journal fuel level and oil Rundschau under energiepolitik.html…

Martin Gerber

That of which the success of any investment depends – the trends, the high and down markets in the world – interested in the Target Fund precious little. With the passage of time is stupid your portfolio of shares shifted to fixed-income securities, until finally you have the retirement age only safe, but totally unprofitable securities. What if you can afford early retirement at 60? Or if the law decides to retire from 70? What in 5 years can happen in the stock market we have just experienced. More than 40% loss of the pension assets in 2002 would have been flagship, suffered Fidelity European Growth Fund. Early retirement would have been so over. Connect with other leaders such as Hyundai here.

The other way, who is to retire at 65 instead of only 70 could have been made – which were the last five years rising stock markets have gone totally lost. In contrast to the wise investor of this target fund pension was only half the pension. Besides, why should a 65 year old person all her property only in safe but unprofitable cash funds have and not invest in profitable shares and other lucrative asset class, you look at today’s demographics, this person has another 20, 30 or more years on. Also probably want to see very few retirees consume their entire assets at 65 years. For discerning clients, this is certainly the wrong solution.

size should make contributions with the flat tax, the investor’s investment is not the ideal way to even more the current market situations change, as are payable to other withholding taxes. This new constraint must now be compensated by increased flexibility of investment. This is precisely what these Target funds do not in any way – and the great weakness of these fund types. The sheer size of this fund is a significant disadvantage, because the fund can not respond quickly enough to current market situations. Threatens the stock market, for example, a crash or a major course correction, these funds are not largely colossus can respond. Sell a portion of the shares, the rate of loss is still accelerating-owned shares. If nothing is sold loses the entire equity stake in both cases.In lose these funds and investors with them. So, no secure and flexible investment against the flat tax and for a carefree retirement is based. Requirements for a good investment against the flat tax a real solution, is against the flat tax is fully in accordance with your Wishes and needs and not just your age. In addition, the following should be considered: * Your investment must yield in every market position gains. It does not help you if they win in a year a lot, but in the next lose even more money. * Your investment must be as flexible as possible. Strategic adjustments to the current market situation or transfers shall not have any new flat tax result can therefore only within your investments by the fund managers, such as occur in the system-Secure. * The risk of your investment must remain manageable. survived a look at how the investment ever in 2002. Good Investments normally do in any given year losses. * Despite all these precautions, you should not rely only on an investment, a Management, an investment style. Diversification is the key to success. You can preserve your assets, your investments and your retirement from losses by withholding tax.

Payment Card

Karderskie stealing things from the cards are legends, which over the years, not only does not lose its relevance, but also grows with new details. International payment systems and banks are moving away from direct responses to questions on the amount of card fraud. More revealing themselves thieves, which is also called "carders". They assert that "earn" about 450-500 million hryvnia per year, respectively, about $ 5 million a month. and While Ukrainian cards occupy the thieves rating the attractiveness of one of the last places after the "plastic" European, Asian and American banks, safer for our citizens from this becomes. In Ukraine, for some data, carding involved about a thousand people. Compared with European countries in our country is rather low level of swindle with plastic cards, but the high training carders. Say that we employ plastic frauds that come in the top ten carders in the world.

And the hand of such tricksters can not catch! Hunt for card fraud are mostly reduced to a catch of young guys who are using stolen or counterfeit cards withdraw money from ATMs or pay for their goods in shops and retail chains. According to the Ukrainian Interbank Association member payment systems "ema", for 2006-2008, efforts Banks and law enforcement agencies in Ukraine has been suspended activities 32 professional gangs, specializing in crimes involving the use of payment cards. This year, disposed of eight such groups. Many holidaymakers tend to plastic cards, choosing a place to store n-connected sum for small and large expenditures outside the homeland.

Valentin Fomin

According to Stella Brody, it includes, first and foremost, the protection of income. This is a kind of foundation – a foundation of confidence of the family, followed by a solution to housing, planning, retirement savings, the creation of financial chute in case, for example, something is broken and require unforeseen expenditure of funds, it is about 2-4 in wages, followed by providing financial support for children and only in the last formation of the investment capital of the family. In a personal financial plan considers all revenues and expenses of the family, the existing financial products and those that the client can afford to buy, calculate how much it will lose on this. This is necessary in order to the client clearly understood that month happens to his family budget. But this is only the first part of personal financial plan, the second includes a description of three scenarios CashFlow – your future financial situation of the moment retirement. “We aim to ensure that the personal financial adviser has become a family counselor to help correctly assess the financial situation and to distribute the funds, taking into account all the risks and benefits by choosing the most effective financial tools “- explains Stella Brody. After a personal relationship with a financial advisor can not look at their financial situation the same eyes, and my practice of using these services can not be confined only to the distribution of funded part of pensions. Issues relating to the financial aspect of my life, there are everywhere, and they require a permanent solution in accordance with my plans. Possible, while only a small number of Russians willing to plan your entire family budget with the involvement of third parties. This financial culture only to stage Accommodation in Russia. But it is already clear that personal financial adviser can help the client to calculate its debt load, significantly reducing the risk of contact with the collectors in the future through proper planning and understanding of the credit load According to Family Income and Expenditure. Valentin Fomin.