The Many Financial Dangers We Face Today

Many companies have failed over the years by the fact that many dangers to face today. A notable example is the Compunet and Forzabrut. Both companies were in difficulty at any time since the government regulations were too strict and do not let any of the companies to work freely. History tells us that counsel Oyuki Kwon, loyal worker Compunet from seven years ago, had faced Forzabrut a strategy to gain a higher corporate level. However Compunet faced several difficulties in the case, because the former did not expect your opponent’s hidden history.

The name of the director was then Forzabrut Luis Rodriguez, who met in person for several confrontations Oyuki Kwon. Forzabrut had many contacts, especially at the governmental level, but Luis Rodriguez was really surprised with the new techniques with which he attacked, because the company Compunet seemed more sophisticated and avant-garde. However seemed to have many problems government, and its line of attack was not entirely complete. Oyuki Kwon was the first to ask for one of the meetings, for contacts to Compunet, so that Luis Rodrigez immediately suspicious about the disclosure of suppliers, assembly and critical employees. Encounters between Oyuki Kwon and Luis Rodriguez led approach to understanding business needs.

Compunet perhaps actually had found an important link. Compunet did not know precisely Forzabrut work for several years, companies had been channeled through their departments. A very risky job, and which was not given confidence to everyone. Oyuki Compunet back to provide information. But Luis Rodriguez was left with the curiosity to know if he had told everything.