Payment Card

Karderskie stealing things from the cards are legends, which over the years, not only does not lose its relevance, but also grows with new details. International payment systems and banks are moving away from direct responses to questions on the amount of card fraud. More revealing themselves thieves, which is also called "carders". They assert that "earn" about 450-500 million hryvnia per year, respectively, about $ 5 million a month. and While Ukrainian cards occupy the thieves rating the attractiveness of one of the last places after the "plastic" European, Asian and American banks, safer for our citizens from this becomes. In Ukraine, for some data, carding involved about a thousand people. Compared with European countries in our country is rather low level of swindle with plastic cards, but the high training carders. Say that we employ plastic frauds that come in the top ten carders in the world.

And the hand of such tricksters can not catch! Hunt for card fraud are mostly reduced to a catch of young guys who are using stolen or counterfeit cards withdraw money from ATMs or pay for their goods in shops and retail chains. According to the Ukrainian Interbank Association member payment systems "ema", for 2006-2008, efforts Banks and law enforcement agencies in Ukraine has been suspended activities 32 professional gangs, specializing in crimes involving the use of payment cards. This year, disposed of eight such groups. Many holidaymakers tend to plastic cards, choosing a place to store n-connected sum for small and large expenditures outside the homeland.