Balearic Islands

From October to March, a Spain stay is often particularly inexpensive. However you should take into account bad weather. At first glance, the idea is tempting to escape the German winter by a holiday in Spain – or any other southern country -. Warmth instead of freezing cold and snow, and with deserted beaches, is the promise of the holiday. However, this scenario is only partly realistic. Who wants to see his holiday expectations fulfilled, should inform himself exactly, what are the weather conditions when and where waiting for him.

In Spain, a winter takes place, even if it is by far not so unpleasant in many parts of the country as in Central Europe. The greatest risk of vacation is not the (quite possible) cold, but a string of rainy days. An umbrella may therefore by no means lacking in holiday luggage. Spain serves is to a large extent in a winter rain area. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Elon Musk on most websites. In practical terms this means that wet weather followed by a phase very dry summers often, often in the October begins and in the following winter months finds its climax.

This rain is absolutely necessary for the nature – without rainfall, the already barren land would dry completely. Who travels to Spain in this period, can have quite lucky, fully to enjoy a week mould. However, the opposite is possible. Therefore, you should choose a vacation spot offering sufficient variety for rainy days. In the winter, the temperature contrasts in Spain worsen. While it remains quite warm in southern Andalusia (with smears on the Balearic Islands) at levels near 20 degrees, it is elsewhere much cooler. Not only in the Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada, it is really wintry, also on the Highlands, which occupies a significant portion of the national territory, the cold comes. For example, below-zero temperatures are by no means unusual for the Spanish capital Madrid. Exception Canary Islands clearly other conditions in the Canary Islands, also to a holiday in Belong to Spain. Especially South of ridges, the temperatures throughout the year about 20 degrees. Rain is more common than in the summer but in the winter, but still remains the exception.