Fortune Cookies

This batter is pumped through the pump into the ring oven, which contains a number of small cups with a flat bottom (about 7.6 cm in diameter). On top of the cup falls flat heating element, which bakes cookies on top. Thus baking occurs on both sides, so the cookie gets exactly golden brown on both parties. Cookies rotates in a circular oven. One complete revolution takes 3.5 minutes.

This is the time required for baking thin dough. – And when the process of embedding a pastry leaves with the predictions and wishes? – When baking is completed, a special crane moves the biscuits on a paper stage investment predictions. Everything happens automatically and quickly. Slips of paper fall on the cookies using a special vacuum device. Further, while it is still hot, cookies are pushed two mechanical fingers that fold them in half, making a crescent or, as some say, in the heart with the predictions of the inside. Further, cookies cooled with cold air and then automatically packed. Next they are placed in boxes that can protect their fragile cargo.

– How is quality control? You're told that the artisans have trying to offer people the options cookie fortune. And as for order and cleanliness watching you? – We produce only high quality biscuits, made of high quality raw materials. Equipment is regularly cleaned, observed and continuously monitored all of the baking process in compliance with all product standards and safety. Because the process is fully mechanized, there is little opportunity for contact with a person or baking the possibility of other contaminants. Our meeting was over, but questions were still a lot. However, the answers are on the recommendation of my counterparts, I have found on the company visit the faq. And then I broke my selection out of the box Fortune Cookies, quickly opened a beautiful gold box and threw the mouth sweet broken into halves, read: "This week you are waiting for big changes." "Of course, I thought, all to a point. And indeed, newlyweds and their guests can recommend a wedding cookies are happy. At weddings they just are not enough. And I've got everything in order – ordered box of cookies with the predictions already standing in the back seat of my Chrysler. After I'm getting married on Saturday! "