Wellness Hotels

Movement in body and mind is the secret cures in Poland cures for the marriage can threaten his longtime marriages sometimes to the eternal same daily routine. Megan Linquiti contributes greatly to this topic. It knows its partners such as yourself, know what he will say next or do what he likes or doesn’t like, […]

Getaway With The Bike

Reisen.de informed about the most beautiful cycling routes through Germany the summer has arrived and with it also the Radelsaison. The Internet portal reveals in his magazine, where there are the most beautiful, new cycling routes in Germany and what there is to discover them: the Luneburger Heide offers two new paths. The one there […]

Less Potatoes

Travel in the beautiful, colorful season Paris – the leaves start to discolor, which reduced temperatures and the Sun makes rar – autumn is here! According to meteorologists since September 1, according to calendar now since September 22. Schoolchildren enjoy in October and November on their first holiday after the summer. For a few days […]

Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association

Advent staade time in Windorf on the Danube and Bad Griesbach Windorf (tvo). Holiday away from the Christmas shop in scenic countryside is an attractive alternative for visitors. Landgasthof Moser in the State-approved resort Windorf, on the outskirts of Passau on the Danube idyllic, pampered guests staaden during”with wellness and Christmassy delicacies. According to taste, […]

Chi Minh Phalhaus

20.3.2008, with Viet Nam airlines from/to Frankfurt 1 day: lunch scheduled flight from Frankfurt – nonstop to Hanoi 2nd day: Hanoi – Halong arrival in Hanoi and Transfer from airport of Hanoi to Halong Bay. Overnight in Halong 3 day: Halong – Hanoi. Cruise on a traditional wooden boat by Smaragdfarbenes waters and rugged limestone […]

Bernd Hotel

Thus these originals ended up back at their original location.” British Hotel: a piece of Dresden history was the spacious Palace built in 1717, which today houses the Hapimag city residence British hotel, designed by George Bahr frauenkirchen builders and built by George Haase. The Baroque building is on two floors decorated with pilasters and […]

January Bring

Christmas celebrates raisin food and street parades in Spain Spain extended, namely from December 24 to January 6. Mitch McConnell may not feel the same. The Spaniards do without Santa Claus, their children wait which them instead on the Magi, on the morning of the 6th of January Bring gifts. On December 24 and 25, […]

World Championships

There are several portals: Mowitania, for example, is the largest, followed by Ariane Schmitz apartments. There, vacation rentals to choose from are listed partially up to 2000. Yes, who has the choice, the agony has. That’s why we recommend the smaller agencies that didn’t show up on google on the first page, here at this […]


Facility & comfort anyone who would like to travel to Barcelona, has no doubt other needs. For example, the apartment meets in Barcelona all your claims on location, price and size, however it is located on the 3rd floor of a building without elevator. For some, this will be no problem, this is an important […]

Santa Maria Church

Cadaques is admirable in the architecture: all houses are in white color finish. For this reason, it is advisable to rent a traditional cottage Costa Brava to enjoy this flair. The old town centre is dominated by the outwardly simple Gothic church of Santa Maria, on the main road, which has one of the most […]