In 2005 met 20 years serving me in operational tasks in a hospital of high complexity, given its size, structure, joined this severe criticality of patients treated at their facilities. I refer to the emergency Hospital in the city of Cordoba, specialized in polytraumatized. Recently a significant decline has occurred (either by medical folders or […]

Cold Steel Fourth Concert

Peter Fox & Cold Steel confirm fourth concert in the Wuhlheide good news for all Peter Fox fans: after the three previously budgeted concerts in the Berlin Wuhlheide are already sold out, there is a lookup now on August 26. Sold out halls and exuberant press are no foreign words for Peter Fox. Details can […]

Galician Carlos Time

Do not waste your money, lee, then decide. The internet is a world full of opportunities, it’s a great cake that very few can savor, it is very common to find out there with a myriad of pages that they offer hundreds of products, which to be honest not even publishing their origin or many […]

Turkish Music

Innovative software enables language selection by listeners after the public broadcaster rbb, multiculti radio has switched off, did the idea of a self managed and funded online radio. By supporting among others the Berlin creative and music industry represented by Christoph Borkowski (President of the Berlin Music Commission) or Klaus j. bade (Germany’s most well-known […]

Home Remedies For Hair

Why use home remedies for hair care, when in the stores is a variety of products for the hair? First, using homemade recipes, you will know that part of the preparation that you use for your hair. Regular use of the shampoo commercial, can harm your hair as it contains a lot of synthetic substances. […]

Modern Constructions

Modern buildings tend to be more flexible and dynamic. In recent times the modern line, which finds its origins in the old continent, by the 1920s and am inspired by the nautical design, began to speak again with some force, being one of the most chosen by the public. Suna Said Maslin is often mentioned […]

Division Customers

CRM-system Quick Sales – this is an ideal information system that automates customer-oriented approach of the organization. It supports all the principles of the company's customer-oriented, and has for this, among other things, such as components of the Contact management (Contact Management) and Activity management (CRM). In this article I would like to try to […]

Perfect Symbiosis

An ecologically-oriented operation can exist economically. That was our motto of the first years. The idea of the natural bathing pond was just one of many. The swimming pond was clearly the best idea and the biotope landscape design GmbH, she had half a decade before anyone else. This biotope from the outset was the […]