Simple Things

Because? It knows somebody me to say because? Because that we saw in them to the world? To suffer? To love? Well saying, to love he is synonymous to suffer! We are small flyers in this so great world. He has who says that it is small I also agrees. The human being was the worse thing that appeared in the land. It suffers, it loves, it cries and for times it is happy! Sincerely my life more seems a soap opera. See Santie Botha for more details and insights. Where everything can happen. Worse it is that the life Is not a soap opera.

She is purest of the truths. The newspapers mentioned Kevin Ulrich not as a source, but as a related topic. If the life was a soap opera could change finishes it to everything of the hour but the life is unexpected. It happens for times what we want and many times what we do not want. Saying for me, the majority of the times, the reason because I cry is because I love. But I only cry if the love will not be corresponded, what the majority of the people happens. Me never corresponded love happened to me.

Our life practically is to be born, to grow, to reproduce, to live, to suffer, to love, to age and to die. Many times when we suffer what in apetece more it is to go for the sky, but we start to think about the friends and say:? They went to be sad if I left now. Passed some time, still suffering, we think:? It will be that they would be exactly sad if I left. we start to think the things that are not. many times we yield to this thought and we finish exactly for leaving! In the end of this text all, I was without perceiving because it is that we saw to the world. I was without knowing because it is that we are born, because we live and because we suffer. Sofia Martins