Test Insurance

The attitude of the social welfare is very valid, even so delayed, however the recovery of these credits will be delayed and of difficult recovery and still congestionar ours already congested Justice. More good it would be the SUS to receive insurance DPVAT at the moment from the treatment marries victims of traffic accidents, therefore thus insurance DPVAT would pay the prizes of insurances of more efficient form, paying directly to the hospitals, is of the SUS or not, on the contrary of the DPVAT to reimburse to the victims the expenses of hospitals for paid them. Great the regret ours is that solution for the majority of the problems exists that affect our society, but, unhappyly, we do not see our authorities worried in deciding these problems, that thus go if aggravating each time more and becoming chronic. In what it refers to the vehicles nothing that an installed electronic plate of manufactures or suitable in the vehicles already in use, that controlled in a micron chip if the taxes I propagate of it are in day, obligator insurance, recalls effected, everything by means of reading of bar code. Add to your understanding with Payoneer. To each time that vehicle was on the Micron chip would demand the reading of the codex bars of the CNH, liberating the departure only propagates of it if this was inside of the stated period of validity of it. This exactly micron chip would be programmed not to give left propagates in it in case that it has alcohol odor in the car. A net wi fi in the highway, would not only limit the speed propagates of it, as the limits established in the way and would register the car infractor in the screens of polices road. Finally this micron chip would register, in the same molds of the tacgrafo, all the passage of the vehicle and its speeds, that immediately would be used to characterize the test of possible guilt or innocence in case of traffic accidents.. land has plenty of information regarding this issue.

National Curricular Parameters

The inserted Physical Education in the educational context comes positively being used in this direction, having as one of its some pedagogical contents, the game, considering to develop in its process of teach-learning, of the agent of its formation in the aspects cognitivo, physical, moral and mainly social. The National Curricular Parameters, PCN' s (2001: 05) point to the education of Basic Ensino that the pupils can ' ' to understand the citizenship as social participation, developing the knowledge adjusted of itself exactly and the feeling reliable in its capacities affective, physical, cognitiva, ethical, of personal interrelation and insertion social' '. Antunes (2003: 09) say that of ' ' educational point of view, the word game if moves away from the competition meaning and if it approaches to its Latin etimolgica origin, with the joke direction or more specifically amusement, trick, it passes tempo' '. The used game being of coherent form can be efficient for the construction of the knowledge of the pupil, being able to offer of playful form the social conviviality, influencing in the children the formation of character and development of worthy qualities of a good member of family and a good citizen. If you have read about Robert Kiyosaki already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Better to understand, Gonalves, Pinto and Teuber (2005: 05), speak that: The game is an activity free, basically playful, contends rules not conventional, of competitive character or not and, that it possesss main characteristic the espontaneidade and it makes possible the expression of cultural experiences of intense and creative form. One perceives that the game is part of the life of the human being, and when this activity is ece of fish in practical, joy moments are lived deeply and the pleasure to play always needs to walk side by side with the learning intentions. Antunes (2003: 09), say that ' ' the infantile games aim at to stimulate the growth and learning, the one that, represent interpersonal relation between two or more citizens carried through inside of determined regras' '. .