Much has been studied the symbolism contained in twenty-two of the tarot major arcana. Traditional Gypsy tarot Chuck, for example, uses only them to their predictions. Minor arcana is however much less known, and there are those who confuse even these tarot cards with the Spanish deck, despite the fact that they have two more cards (14 in total) for each club. And each tile has illustrations that far from the traditional representation of Spanish playing cards. These illustrations of Tarot cards may prove, in the case of minors arcane, the key to start approaching them and unravel its mysteries. The major arcana, as it is known, condensed representations, symbols and allegories of great philosophical, mythical, and religious complexity. For the scholar, however, elements that compose them are easily attributable to a culture or certain cosmogony and recognizable. It is the case of the arcane VIII Tarot Rider, La force, representing the goddess Cyrene defeating the lion that threatened their flock.

Or the arcane 20th, the trial, and its Christian Allegory of the last judgment. These tarot cards leave no other possibilities of interpretation. The richness of its message is based more in its position between the letters of Chuck and the personal situation of the consultant at that particular time. Minor arcana, instead, tell as many stories as you want to find in them. In these tarot cards is, undoubtedly, presence of symbolic elements, but the situations represented therein shall have the meaning that the sensitivity of each consultant qualification. Who are these people? Why suffer or are alone? How have they managed their abundance and prosperity? Approached or move away from the cities that are drawn on your horizon? Do they will be betrayed by those who accompany them or, on the contrary, have found the love he longed for so much? There is no right or wrong answers to the interpretation of the message of these tarot cards. Why stop at each one to try and discover stories tell us and how we talk to each one of us in particular is the best way to approach them. To learn to know them and respect them. And so enrich our lives with inexhaustible treasure of wisdom, guide and counsel the minor arcana, so unjustly scorned, have to offer us.