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Query the registry on an individual basis, is a free option, queries will be individualized and manual mode. Entities associated with FECEMD, subscription enters the quarterly fee and the times they wish can download the file list Robinson. Why should you consult a list Robinson company? All companies wishing to advertise their services with lists of individuals, drawn from publicly available sources or which is not responsible (e.g., purchase of database for the) realization of mailing) must take various measures listed below: first, any advertiser should consult the Robinson list to see if among your potential recipients there is one inscribed on the list, the modalities through which the inquiry can be are those listed in the previous point. In the event the realization of shipment is responsible to a third company, this will be lender of service processing of data for the development of the same, shall have signed a contract that guarantees typified in article 12 of the data protection act are established prior. This kind of entities will always access list Robinson as a responsible for treatment, on behalf of the advertiser. In both cases, once has been consulted list Robinson must exclude, our shipping immediately, those people registered on the list, since the same have requested it their exclusion of express way and its breach could have important consequences.

On the other hand part, in the case of entities the list Robinson service users, the person concerned may be in contact with them through the FECEMD to oppose the sending of commercial communications by phone, even in cases in which is kept or a contractual relationship has been maintained, in such cases the party concerned shall provide an e-mail account through which will contact with the entity with the end user’s process your application for opposition to the reception of commercial communications. What are the consequences for a company not to consult list Robinson? Where is carried out an advertising campaign with the characteristics that we have been analysing, and did not consult the Robinson list, it has many possibilities that, among its recipients, there is a person who has renounced commercial communications through this route of exclusion. If this is the case, as safe, is that person denouncing him to the Spanish Agency of data protection, for breach of the Organic law 15/1999 of protection of personal data and its development regulations, moment in which the sanctioning procedure will be initiated and a fine whose amount can vary between 600 and 600.000 euros shall be imposed. But if the commercial communications are made through telephone, email, SMS or other means of communication, is also necessary to take into account the provisions of Act 32/2003 of November 3, General telecommunications and law 34/2002, of 11 July, of services of the information society and electronic commercewhose non-observance they also gains its corresponding economic sanction. Maria Santa frame Atty.. in law Senior Consultant (Legitec) original author and source of the article.

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Coffee break represents a brief ten to 20 minutes of the workday getaway, during which is common to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, or a small snack.Coffee break serves as a social meeting point, as well as a brief period of rest, and is often a requirement for employees in certain businesses or industries. It is believed that the coffee break began in the city of Stoughton, Washington, late 1800s. The city continues celebrating with an annual Festival of Stoughton coffee break.The term and the practice of the coffee break continued to increase its popularity through the early 1950s, due in large part to an advertising campaign of the Pan-American Office of coffee that encouraged people to give breaks for coffee.It is now a common part of the workplace every day. The coffee break generally take place few hours after arriving at work, before the lunch hour.It can also take place again in the afternoon. Employees usually leave their offices or work stations and go to a room designated rest or in the cafeteria.There, you can take a cup of coffee, tea, soft drinks or hot chocolate sometimes, along with appetizers of a machine vending or cakes, among other options.Those who wish to smoke must do so in a designated area.Occasionally, some coffee carts rental companies provide service in offices and corporate when there are courses, presentations, conventions, Conference, expos, among other events. The coffee break is designed to help employees in training to give them a few minutes to relax and rest before returning to work.You can help employees be more productive and relieve stress.It also gives them a few minutes to chat with other employees, or to make brief phone calls, which cannot afford them to do while they are working. With information for Tania Altamirano