Enforcement Years

In the restaurant business there are two opposing trends: on the one hand, the growing professionalism of the staff and the demand for qualified personnel in this market lead to higher wages, on the other – accustomed to consider every penny employers want to save, including salaries for staff. See Wells Fargo Bank for more details and insights. To some extent these two trends balance each other, however, the scales were more inclined towards the growth of rewards. position requirements The level of payment obligations in the job's summary Shef-povar/td> Higher education or specialized secondary, professional working experience of 3-5 years, the ability to make technological maps, train staff, develop a menu of different knowledge or any specific food (depending on the specific institution), the experience of opening schools with "zero" (for regions) Handbook of industrial and economic activities of the restaurant, working with suppliers of raw materials and products, development and update the menu, drawing flow charts, team leadership, training, monitoring technology, cooking and food standards bookmarks from 1000 to 2500 $ 1300 to $ 2500 Su-chef age 25 or older, profile vocational education, work experience in a similar position of 2 years experience of managing a team of 10 people, knowledge of the PC. production management, and training staff, working with reporting the kitchen, working with technological and calculation cards, work with the normative and technical documents (a collection of recipes, health rules) from $ 800 from $ 900-1000 Cook Primary vocational education, vocational education, often-job experience. Age range from 20 to 50 years. Sometimes the requirement of narrow specialization or a particular cuisine.

Preparation of production facilities and raw materials to work, cooking (compliance level), portioning, registration and transfer ordered dishes at realizatsiyu.Uchastie to develop new dishes and calculation cards. Wells Fargo Bank may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Participation in the preparation of applications for products of $ 500 from $ 600 Pastry Vocational Education and work experience of 2 years knowledge of the technologies making cakes, pies and baked goods and desserts, the ability to execute confectionery, artistic taste, imagination, attention to preparation of a wide range of bakery and confectionery, hot and cold desserts, pastry products, decorating cakes and pastries, providing high quality products. Procurement of raw materials for compounding (kneading, knocking down), baking, cooking creams, fillings, toppings and bake 500 $ 600 $ Pastry Chef Experience at least 3 years as a pastry chef, pastry chef senior, sous chef pastry shop, w / special. Age 40 years experience of confectionery shop "from scratch", the organization of production. Colorful appearance – for experts to be invited to the restaurants of national cuisine.

Development of the dessert menu (especially in the emerging restaurant), the organization of work bakery-pastry shop, quality control and purchasing ready meals, costing and accounting. Budget control. Develop and update desserts, process maps. Knowledge of global trends in the design and supply of desserts. The introduction of recent advances in the art of confectionery industry knowledge dessert traditions of the world of technology selection, training and certification of personnel work with suppliers of Inventory Optimization technical processes, responsibility, honesty, diligence, communication skills. Personnel management and control over its work Enforcement of hygiene and safety 6. The trend of labor market sector in the near future. Prognozy.Uroven of the restaurant business is now so high that it is necessary to face the problem of institution-building, through which were many businesses in other industries. Necessary to clearly prescribe the functional structure, solve problems, motivate staff, to plan a career track for the balance of interests of managers and performers. Then Restaurants will be able to work with qualified staff trained within their own organization.

Google Reader

All you need is to subscribe to all the most interesting blogs in your niche and be in the subject. Last month, I begin with this your day. Previously, I was more flexible schedule, now, the first thing I do, coming to work – open Google Reader and a 10 minute run through my rss subscriptions. By the way, from the Reader You can add rss-tape in your Blogspot blog. In general, a useful thing. 3) Docs. Here is a godsend for me a week! Of course, the existence of this product I knew long ago, but thought it a valuable resource emerged relatively recently. In fact, it Internet analog Ward, only free.

How wonderful it is? For me the most important thing is that work on your document (post) from any computer. You start fasting at home, on your way to work a couple of thoughts come to head, you come to the office discovers Docs – append. After work, come home, we finally bring publikuesh and on the blog. Is not it cool? Here I am about the same thing! 4) Calendar. The name speaks for itself, to be honest, I use it not often, because I like something to plan "on paper". But the advantages of a online calendar is not enough, therefore, not exclude, that will start to use it actively. This of course, not all the above services can only streamline your day a bit.

Do you like Google or not, but it develops in the direction of that under one akkaunom there are more services and products designed to fully meet the needs of the blogger. Thank someone for Google is that whatever it was, it makes my life. PS One person "poked my nose" in something that I always write "you" and "your" in small letters. Of course, I did not sample literacy, besides writing positions, not looking and not testing (although this should tie), but, 2 primer in a class iskuril. So I know that "you" is spelled with a capital letter in person to appeal to a certain person, for example – "You are Simon S. – a goat." When treatment is an indeterminate number of people, "you" is spelled with a small (lowercase) letters! Another read: As a beginner to start to attract visitors to your blog? 3 main reasons to leave comments

Federal State Unitary Enterprise

In Izhevsk, there are a large number of businesses that are required each year tens of thousands of employees. The most popular sectors of the economy such as industry, catering trade. Based economic growth in Izhevsk are energy-intensive industries: metallurgy and machine tools, as well as electronic promyshlennost.V now industrial complex Izhevsk has about 50 large enterprises of metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemistry, etc. Among them are OAO "Izhmash", JSC "Izhevsk podshipikovy plant", JSC "Bummash", JSC "Izhevsk Motor Plant", OJSC "Izhevsk Radio Plant", OJSC "Izhstal", JSC "Izhevsk plastics plant", JSC "Izhneftemash" Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Izhevsk electromechanical plant" the Dome "and many others. These businesses provide their products (equipment for agro-industrial and energy sector, machine tools with modern management methods, vehicles and motor blocks, household and medical devices, plastics and paper, military equipment …) not only Russian market of goods, but also market many partner countries. Science and education of hundreds of Izhevsk preschools and schools, colleges, training specialists in engineering, technical, economic specialties, medical experts and specialists in agrarian sector and foreign otnosheniy.Gorod Izhevsk is rich in cultural institutions and creative unions. Therefore, such organizations Izhevsk as the National Library of the Udmurt Republic, Drama and Music Theater, National Circus SD, and others are "consumers" of experts in the field of culture and tvorchestva.Tak same, a large proportion of the labor market Izhevsk belongs to numerous private businesses, services, security, media, insurance, real estate, etc. From the foregoing it is clear that the ability to find work in Izhevsk in the desired specialties are wide enough. By using our site you will save time searching for organizations in need of specialists, get rid of unnecessary expenses in searching for information about a particular company, to provide a fresh information about vacancies in the labor market ….

Personal Brand

During the day, each of us through various communication channels subject to contact with approximately 7000 brands. We do not notice this, because I always "practicing" the art of filtration. We can filter out not only marketing messages of companies, but also people that have to meet. We will automatically sort them in order of importance to us. Someone becomes a key figure for us, someone is on the periphery of our consciousness, and someone we did not notice. In this regard, I found it interesting term brandspace, which offers the company Gistis.

The creators of the term his idea to develop in relation to the marketing and corporate brands, but in my opinion, with some adaptation, it could be applied in personal branding. According to the authors of the concept, brandspace – this is the place where the brand "lives" in the hearts and minds of consumers. Brandspace a mental map, which uses user to navigate in a saturated marketplace brands. The hierarchy of brands is built as follows: 1. Core identity.

Some brands can speak to consumers in terms of their identity. These brands relate to the root of human values. These brands, for example, belongs to the Harley-Davidson, whose supporters ignore the generally accepted norms and identify themselves as members of the independent community. 2. Badges of belonging. Close to the first category, the group also signals a brand belonging to a particular group or community. In this case, the brand does not necessarily affect the value of man.