Google Reader

All you need is to subscribe to all the most interesting blogs in your niche and be in the subject. Last month, I begin with this your day. Previously, I was more flexible schedule, now, the first thing I do, coming to work – open Google Reader and a 10 minute run through my rss subscriptions. By the way, from the Reader You can add rss-tape in your Blogspot blog. In general, a useful thing. 3) Docs. Here is a godsend for me a week! Of course, the existence of this product I knew long ago, but thought it a valuable resource emerged relatively recently. In fact, it Internet analog Ward, only free.

How wonderful it is? For me the most important thing is that work on your document (post) from any computer. You start fasting at home, on your way to work a couple of thoughts come to head, you come to the office discovers Docs – append. After work, come home, we finally bring publikuesh and on the blog. Is not it cool? Here I am about the same thing! 4) Calendar. The name speaks for itself, to be honest, I use it not often, because I like something to plan "on paper". But the advantages of a online calendar is not enough, therefore, not exclude, that will start to use it actively. This of course, not all the above services can only streamline your day a bit.

Do you like Google or not, but it develops in the direction of that under one akkaunom there are more services and products designed to fully meet the needs of the blogger. Thank someone for Google is that whatever it was, it makes my life. PS One person "poked my nose" in something that I always write "you" and "your" in small letters. Of course, I did not sample literacy, besides writing positions, not looking and not testing (although this should tie), but, 2 primer in a class iskuril. So I know that "you" is spelled with a capital letter in person to appeal to a certain person, for example – "You are Simon S. – a goat." When treatment is an indeterminate number of people, "you" is spelled with a small (lowercase) letters! Another read: As a beginner to start to attract visitors to your blog? 3 main reasons to leave comments