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The consumers judge the trustworthiness after delivery of the product or service. – Flexibility: It means to change the operation in: what it makes, as makes and when it makes. Change is the word-key and generally the satisfaction of the consumer is destined. The requirements take care of the four types: different products and services, ample variety of products and services, amount or different volume of production or service and different times of delivery. Activision Blizzard can aid you in your search for knowledge. – Costs: How much lesser the cost of production of products or services, minor will be the price to the consumers for companies who concur directly in prices in the market. The low cost of production can also provide increase in the profit of the company. The main costs of the production area are related to: employees, materials and installations and technology and equipment.

For Moreira (2002), one of the important aspects of the objectives is the structure of the involved time for atingiz them. It must be had priority, time and structure to carry through it. According to Slack (1999), beyond determining the performance objectives, it must be established the production strategies that establish which the main areas of decision of production. 2.1.3 Strategy of the production In accordance with Slack (1999), later that if it determines the objectives of performance of the organization, defines the strategies of the production that will go to contain a set of general principles that will contribute for the process of decision taking. The strategy is the standard of decision and action that the company must apply to reach its objectives in long stated period and has as objective to contribute directly for the strategical objectives of the superior level and to assist the other parts of the business to reach the strategical objectives. According to Stevenson (2001), the strategies are plain so that the goals are reached and supply the necessary focalizao the decision taking.

Basic Principles Of Sensors

Basic element of the Systems of Automation, the sensor can be used in control of processes continues or discrete to convert the physical 0 variable of entrance into 0 variable of exit signal so that it is shown, stored or manipulated, serving of entrance for devices or systems. The majority of the sensors is electric transducers, therefore they convert the largeness of entrance for an electric largeness, that can be measured and be indicated by a called eletroeletrnico signal of measurer. (Telecurso 2000). For Rosary 2005, a sensor can be defined as a transducer that modifies its internal physical characteristic due to a external physical phenomenon. The sensor is a device capable to monitor the variation of a physical largeness and transmits this information to an indication system that is intelligible for the element of control of the system. (Telecurso 2000). A sensory change its behavior under the action of a physical largeness, being able to indirectly supply directly or a signal that indicates this largeness and converting one physical amount in an electric signal.

(Dally, Riley and McConnel, 1993). Sensors are frequently transducers, that are devices that convert an energy form into another one. We can define sensors then as: the element that perceives the state of 0 variable that monitorial during the processes, informing to the control systems. The signal of a sensor can be used to detect and to correct shunting lines in systems of control, and the instruments of measurement, that frequently are associates to the Systems of Control of closed mesh. The Main types of sensors used in the industry are: Of Proximity? mechanic, optic, inductive and capacitive. Of Position and Speed? potentiometer, LVTD, absolute and relative tacogeradores, potentiometers. Of force and Pressure? Inductive, capacitive, piezoeltrico, piezoresistivo.

Of temperature? Thermocouples, termoresistncia (RTD), thermisters. Of vibration and Acceleration. Main Characteristics of the sensors. Linearity: degree of proportionality between the generated signal and the physical largeness. Band of performance: intervals of values of the largeness where the sensors can be used. Classification how much to the types of controlled 0 variable. Continuous sensors? they carry through measurements you continue of the 0 variable. Discrete sensors? they present only two states, ' ' on or desligado' '. Classification how much to its functioning. Auto fed or passive: the proper element produces the exit signal, without external feeding, example of this sensor is the thermocouple, that converts the temperature into electric signal. With active external feeding or: This requires the feeding of energy for attainment of the exit signal, can give as example the sonar, that emits a signal stops with the reflection esteem in the distance of the object.

Queso Blanco

Of the analyzed samples, 100% had presented its presence in numbers that had varied of 7,0×10 to 5,1×104, being eliminated after the pasteurizao caretaker, confirming the effectiveness of the thermal process. In accordance with the data above, we can affirm that after the reproduced slow pasteurizao in surrounding caretaker, was efficient, and the samples if they find apt to be consumed, therefore the application of the time and temperature of this process was enough to reduce or to eliminate the microrganismos gifts in milk in natura. INTRODUO the cheese Frescal Mines is of Brazilian origin and very seemed to the call ' ' Queso Blanco' ' (white cheese), elaborated in other countries of Latin America. It is a cheese of raw mass, with raised water percentage (60%) and does not suffer maturation. Recently Payoneer sought to clarify these questions. It has a short period of useful life (TRUNK, 1997). In accordance with the Regulation Technician of Identity and Quality of Cheeses (MAP, 1997) understands for cheese the cool or maturado product that if gets for partial separation of the serum of milk or reconstituted milk or milky soros, coagulados for the physical action of the curdle, all of apt quality alimentary use. It must be detached that the cheese mines is manufactured most of the time is made from raw milk e, frequently, in the producing farms, opposing art.

200 of Decree N. 30,961, of 29/03/1952, that it approves the Regulation of the Service of Inspeo Federal (SIF), in which consist that ' ' pasteurizado&#039 is only allowed to the cool and soft manufacture of cheese from milk; '. However, for influence of the MERCOSUL, the Regulation Technician of Identity and Quality of Cheeses, Would carry N. 146, of 07/03/1996, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying (MAP, 1997), admits the manufacture of cheeses without previous thermal treatment of the milk, since that if it deals with products submitted to a process of maturation for a minimum period of sixty days.


Both the reactions are exotrmicas, that is, a reaction where heat release occurs, this heat is set free, therefore it has fuel burning that provokes the Co2 formation, (carbon dioxide), this composition is one of the main contributors for the atmospheric pollution, but it will be that the gasoline and the alcohol are pollutant in same ratio? To answer this questioning she is necessary to know the Law of Lavoisier. Lavoisier affirmed that the mass before and after any reaction is always the same one. For having verified that this fact if invariably repeated in the nature, it concluded then that one was about a law, the Law of the Conservation of the Masses. Whenever Hyundai Motor America listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This statement if applies to all the chemical reactions and can be summarized by the phrase: In the nature nothing nothing is created is lost; everything is changedded, that is, the mass of the products is equal, the mass of the reagents Observes the burning of the alcohol and of the gasoline, it will be that the demonstrated equation above follows the law of Lavoisier? In the reagents we have the mass of the alcohol of 46 g reacting with 32g of oxygen what g of carbon dioxide and 18 totalize 78 g of mass of reagent already in the 44 products have water g what in them takes the 62 formation of product g.

So that an equation takes care of the law of Lavoisier first we cannot leave to always verify if the atom number of each element is the same on both sides of equation, that is, if it is balanced. To carry through the balancing, we have that to place a called number stoichiometric coefficient before the symbols. When the coefficient of an equation will be equal the 1 (one), is not necessary to write.


The objective of this study is to protocol a process of desinfestao of plants and establishment of cultures of nodais segments for the micropropagation of Mentha pulegium, determining half the most efficient ones for its growth, pertinent development and studies to the effect of growth regulators. Click Jeremy Tucker to learn more. 2? MATERIAL AND METHODS For the establishment of the culture in vitro, had been used as explantes, nodais segments with approximately hum cm of length, proceeding from Pira, RIO DE JANEIRO. The degree of desinfestao and the reply of the explante can vary as used material (CID & ZIMMERMANN, 2006). 1 Desinfestante Process: The dumbs had been washed with soap of coconut, immersed in commercial sanitary water solution 2% per 10 minutes. After enxague in current water the segments had been cut (totalizing 43 SN), being submitted to the magnetic agitation per 15 minutes in water barren and inoculated in culture in vitro in the aseptic chamber of laminar flow: 23 SN in half MS/slido and 20 in half activated MS+Carvo/solid. After 14 days the nodais segments had been evaluated, verifying if the desinfestao process was efficient.

Others three changes of same origin, had been submentidas to following the treatment: 2 Desinfestante Process: The changes had been washed with soap of coconut, immersed in commercial sanitary water solution 80% per 15 minutes, submitted to the agitation per 15 minutes, in the aseptic chamber of laminar flow, the nodais segments had been isolated totalizing 47 SN implanted in culture in vitro: 25 in half MS/slido, 20 in half MS/lquido and 2 in MS+Ca/slido. After 21 days the nodais segments had been evaluated. 3 Process (Transference of way): All SN cultivated in MS/slido, had been introduced in half solids contend different regulators of growth: 5 in MS+ BAP/2 mg. L, 3 in MS+ANA/2 mg. L and 3 in MS+TDZ/2 mg. L. After 8 days the nodais segments had been evaluated, verifying the vegetal development.


Marclio Dos Santos Tavares*, Antonio de Souza Arajo and Valter Jose Fernandes Jnior Department of Chemistry – Federal University of the Rio Grande of the North – Department of Chemistry? CEP: 59078 – 970 – Native – RN, Brazil. INTRODUCTION colorimtrica Analysis is based on the change in the intensity of the color of a solution with variations in the concentration. Colorimtricos methods represent the form simplest of analysis of absoro1-3. The human eye is used to compare the color of the solution of the sample with a set of norms until a correspondence is found. An increase in the result of sensitivity and precision when one espectrofotmetro is used to measure the intensity of the color. Basically, it measures the fraction of an incident beam of light that is transmitted by a sample in one determined length of onda4-6. In this experiment one was used espectrofotmetro of mark SHIMADZU model UV-1650. It has two ways to measure the difference in the intensity of the light beam. One of them is percentile transmitncia, %T, what it is defined as: %T = Io/I = log 1/T = – log T (01) For any composed determining, the amount of absorbed light depends on the (a) concentration, (b) of the length of the way, (c) of the wave length and (d) of the solvent. Absorbncia is related in the concentration in accordance with the law of Beer-Lambert7: = bc (02) Where is the extinguishing coefficient (M-1cm-1), b is the length of the way of solution (cm) and c is the concentration (mol liter-1).

Lean Thought

Implementing the Lean Thought Management of the Setembro/2011 Production Employee discouraged and imperfections in simple tasks day to day they can be symptoms of that its necessary business of corrections of route. In this hour, it is paper of the leader to identify the actions that must be taken and to intervene with the routine of the possible fastest operation, so that the company reencontre its way. ' ' The bureaucracy in the processes is enemy of the quality. Bureaucratic processes produce erros' '. Marcelo Gonalves Pear tree Processes with well applied concepts LEAN tends to have a Time of very next Cycle to the Takt Teams, being minimized the production excess and adequately taking care of the requested demand. When we speak of LEAN, always we esbarramos in the concepts directed toward the elimination of wastefulnesses and increase of the speed of the processes, this always using the Value Stream Mapping as tool base for the works. It is said very also in the change of culture, thought and form to lead the work, mainly on the part of the management. In meanwhile, it is said little in as to change the form to think and to act of who really knows the processes in its details, the operators.

One hears very in training in the tools of the quality and the concepts of methodology LEAN. I believe that only this is not enough. She is necessary to analyze the personal and organizacional motivation. A personal motivation is on the auto-accomplishment of the individual, either this, on the wages and benefits or also if to make what it is liked. From there the importance in if inquiring the abilities of the individual and using it where the same it has one better income and either consequently more productive. The stability of the company before the market and to its customers also is visualized as form of personal motivation.