Queso Blanco

Of the analyzed samples, 100% had presented its presence in numbers that had varied of 7,0×10 to 5,1×104, being eliminated after the pasteurizao caretaker, confirming the effectiveness of the thermal process. In accordance with the data above, we can affirm that after the reproduced slow pasteurizao in surrounding caretaker, was efficient, and the samples if they find apt to be consumed, therefore the application of the time and temperature of this process was enough to reduce or to eliminate the microrganismos gifts in milk in natura. INTRODUO the cheese Frescal Mines is of Brazilian origin and very seemed to the call ' ' Queso Blanco' ' (white cheese), elaborated in other countries of Latin America. It is a cheese of raw mass, with raised water percentage (60%) and does not suffer maturation. Recently Payoneer sought to clarify these questions. It has a short period of useful life (TRUNK, 1997). In accordance with the Regulation Technician of Identity and Quality of Cheeses (MAP, 1997) understands for cheese the cool or maturado product that if gets for partial separation of the serum of milk or reconstituted milk or milky soros, coagulados for the physical action of the curdle, all of apt quality alimentary use. It must be detached that the cheese mines is manufactured most of the time is made from raw milk e, frequently, in the producing farms, opposing art.

200 of Decree N. 30,961, of 29/03/1952, that it approves the Regulation of the Service of Inspeo Federal (SIF), in which consist that ' ' pasteurizado&#039 is only allowed to the cool and soft manufacture of cheese from milk; '. However, for influence of the MERCOSUL, the Regulation Technician of Identity and Quality of Cheeses, Would carry N. 146, of 07/03/1996, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying (MAP, 1997), admits the manufacture of cheeses without previous thermal treatment of the milk, since that if it deals with products submitted to a process of maturation for a minimum period of sixty days.