History Of Conquest And Population Of Venezuela

The History of the conquest and population of Venezuela is a book written by Jose Oviedo and Banos in 1723, and as its name indicates, tells the conquest of Venezuelan territory.
The first part, which is perhaps the longest title of the literature of the Venezuelan public and History of the Conquest, and population of Venezuela written by D. Joseph De Oviedo and Banos, near the city of Santiago de Leon de Caracas. Who devoted and dedicated to his brother, Lord D. Diego Antonio de Oviedo and Banos, of the Royal Oydor Hearings Santo Domingo, Guatemala and Mexico, the Council of Her Majesty in the Royal and Supreme Indies. This in turn divided into four book with many chapters ranging from the landing of Christopher Columbus in Macuro in 1498 until 1579, shortly after the death of .
The second part is divided into 3 books, ranging from 1565 to 1600, with at least half of the book devoted to collecting supporting documents, lists of persons and places used in its drafting.
Despite its scope, the book suffers from significant shortcomings and errors, and that apparently is incomplete. Oviedo given to understand that there is another manuscript with more details on the seventeenth century, but it is lost.
In any case, this book is one of the most important in the history of Venezuela and is a source in the history of the country. In external links below can be opened copies of the two volumes of the edition of 1885 and the 1992 edition in pdf format.

Crafting Civilian Control of the Military in Venezuela: A Comparative Perspective by Harold A. Trinkunas (Paperback – Sep 3, 2008).