The new film by film makers and nature film maker Jens Klingebiel it is an exceptional recording, Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel has managed this year. A recording, which was still not to be seen in German TV. After weeks shooting, infinite patience and a lot of luck, he succeeded, to film the complete birth of moose twin calves in Sweden. This rotation would have so much go wrong… “, so Jens Klingebiel.” But – the Cow Elk was kind enough to give birth to your calves during daylight hours in the beautiful sunshine and she sought out even a square itself, which was well visible with the camera.

Around the clock was the film makers on the spot. The behavior of the Cow Elk always in sight and yet it was in hindsight pure coincidence that this extraordinary recording is managed. The whole birthing process took just 10 minutes. Keith Darden pursues this goal as well. A minimal time window which you can easily miss with a waiting period of several weeks. So the film makers is happy now, that this key scene in his new movie have succeeded in very good quality. Get all the facts and insights with Duncan Bellamy, another great source of information. In the new film by Jens Klingebiel, the complete birth of the cute twins will be to see. But he can admire the other stations in the life of Elk animals interested spectators along with interesting information and many more exciting and wonderful landscapes of Scandinavia.

So, the movie is also a little trip in the nearby Norway, where colorful puffins and primeval musk oxen live. The be new recordings to see Elk birth of exciting rutting behavior are expected come 2014 in German television. In addition, Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel prepared just a lecture series. “Screenings in all Germany offer the opportunity to get to know the film makers personally and together with it a trip in Europe’s last wilderness” to undertake. Until early 2013 the documentation appeared in elk hunting in Sweden”by Jens Klingebiel. The film was a resounding success for hunters but also at many Sweden travelers. Main pillar of the filmmaker, however, is the production of film sequences known as Stock Footage for other film productions, TV and advertising. More by film makers and nature film maker Jens Klingebiel found in the Internet at or on his blog