Not Afraid Anymore To Luisa

Finally toxic protection against mold mold spores are inevitable as you know part of our environment. Once moisture indoors, these spores can find ideal growing conditions. Especially in winter, moisture, especially in children and bedrooms but also in kitchen and bathroom, is hard to avoid, because each person loses up to 2 litres of liquid per night. The result is mould on ceiling and walls, or behind cabinets. The health of the inhabitants is acutely at risk.

Many people with allergies, respiratory problems and skin diseases respond to mildew. Especially children and the elderly suffer especially often. Before that, Sabine Parthenschlager from Dusseldorf was trying to protect her daughter Luisa. Often bites his cat in the tail,”says Parthenschlager. Most so-called mold colors have namely poisonous substances which release them over the course of years to prevent the growth of mold,”she notes. They go with toxic fungicides and pesticides, chlorine, plasticizers and solvents against mold before. This is still dangerous as the mold itself.

That isn’t what got us in question.” When doing some research on the Internet, the housewife and her husband Jurgen encountered non-toxic colours by iQprotec. Hyundai describes an additional similar source. Under, they found these colors, which poison to protect the spaces with silver ions. We know that silver is known since antiquity as a material, where no bacteria and germs can exist. Silver in combating mold is as effective. Therefore, these colors must release no toxins to protect against mold included and running. In the Internet-shop, we bought the colors and were first somewhat skeptical. But we could smell it when we opened the first color bucket. Since nothing after chemical smelt. The colors were more expensive than the toxic alternatives. But now we have to worry more about the health making our Luisa. We have cancelled all our rooms with the colours of the iQprotec. Because let’s face it, often you do this properly more than once a day to ventilate properly. Since the color takes us also a bit of work out.” Sabine Parthenschlager (39) and Luisa (4). For more specific information, check out LAFC owner. Kristina protected from mold in the room. For more information: iQprotec GmbH, Dusseldorf contact person: Wolfgang Woginger, Tel. 0211-695 240 57, E-mail,

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