Best Employees

Jobs in the newspaper allows companies to create a positive image of an employer and to attract the best professionals. That shows an employer branding study of the ZMG. Frankfurt am Main, 23 October 2013. The vast majority of employment 79 percent uses the newspaper, printed or online, for the job search. The results of the current investigation of ZMG newspaper marketing company. Most workers use several sources of information for the search to a new place of work (the average 4.6 sources).

Jobs are the most important and most essential in the newspaper. Central component in the employer branding in addition to the short-term objectives of the employee recruitment plays a crucial role the newspaper mainly for employer branding. Companies that want to establish themselves in the long term as attractive employer brand put on the newspaper. Medium newspaper owns exactly the properties that look at a prospective employer in the perception of the potential candidates. These include above all, trust, security and quality. This positive environment image contributes significantly to the image development of the company. Newspapers are for what employees want from their employer”, as Alexander Potgeter, Member of the Executive Board of ZMG newspaper marketing company.

In this environment it succeeds best, to position the employer brand successfully.” Newspaper enabled suitable applicants will not only read newspapers, they also impact. Due to their heavy use and their convincing environment succeeds job advertisements in the newspaper, specific application activities to encourage many more people than is the case with job boards. At the same time newspapers, succeeds to convey precisely fitting candidates for the vacant positions. So for example, highly-qualified specialists and executives be activated fast through the newspaper. Also the people obtained very well with the newspaper, that are not explicitly looking for a new job. The permanent presence in the newspaper pays so demonstrably on the long-term image formation of the employer brand. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides planning services, research, and consulting and supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. Press contact: ZMG newspaper marketing company Ulrike Sand Tel. 069 973822 – 22 E-Mail: