Button Flash

Button flash I the bellboys are those that but influence as far as the interactivity to the applications flash. There are many types, models, sizes of bellboys, but so far we will only see the basic thing. Bellboys exist flash who react of forms different when pressing them or when happening the mouse over the same or even has some predetermined activity, could be that they blink of constant form, etc. We see how to create a simple button flash first that we will do he is abrir to our program flash and to create a document in target, does not concern the dimensions. Soon he selects to the tool oval and he draws one in the scene with the stuffed type of and the color of outline that you choose. If he wishes him he can change the thickness to the edge.

Still with the selected oval, he presses the F8 key to turn it into a symbol. He chooses the name that wants, but that it is in agreement with which this creating, it could be boton_prueba or as you choose. He selects to the type button and film nonpaper clip. Now of double click to enter the edit mode of symbols, located already will see there that there is photogram in the state of ” reposo” since this it is the be in favor of defect of the button, there are other three states which we will define next: Rest: When the mouse is not located envelope he. On: When the located mouse this on the button. Pressed: Aspect that it has when it has been pressed. Active zone: Here we must specify the real area in which we want that our button acts. This is of extreme importance when we dealt with text bellboys.