Company Environment

Now you should say about the internal environment of the company. After all, the company, on the one hand, the communicator, which is a source of information to the external environment. C another – in the company's existing business processes and internal communications, some of which may be implemented using the site. Organisational structure of the company. In the first place, considering the internal environment company should determine which departments can use the site in their work.

Of course, the specific implementation depends on the feasibility of this approach, however, given the frequent territorial remoteness of individual structural units, for example, an extensive network of branches, use the site for communication within the company can be an effective solution to reduce costs. Employees. It should be noted that site can be an effective platform for communication between the organizations employees. This does not mean that this section of the site must be open to all. This may be a good solution for companies with large numbers of employees working remotely. Of course, this is only the main target groups that are worth paying attention at first. You can call, and others – for example, potential employees, because the site can be a wonderful tool to attract staff.

A detailed list of target groups of interest to the company, each must determine for themselves. Although there are quite a number of descriptions various functions performed by the site are three sets of determining the basic site features, which include subordinate functions: 1. Business functions of the site – features that are associated with participation in the movement of material and information flows in the implementation of the business of the company. 2. Communicative functions of the site – features the exchange of information between the company and the target groups of environmental companies, as well as in the internal environment company. 3. Service functions of the site – features that meet the needs of target groups, including needs relating to the comfortable use of the site, available to them to ensure their presence at site. Thus, we defined the business system, which includes the site as a set of target groups that are involved in information exchange with the company, and in some cases – among themselves. In this case, can be considered the site as a set of information blocks and tools that serve to communicate between the different target groups in the system. A set of tools that should be present on the site, that it meets the stated objectives, defined during the detailed planning of the site. Moreover, this approach can be used for your personal site, and for a corporate site. Just target groups and objectives faced by the creator of the site will be different. This approach allows us to approach the method of formation of site functionality based on the company's goals and business challenges that stand on each of the target groups.