The Fraunhofer

With the provided funds for 2011, a total of approx. 250,000 euro is cash and 433,000 euros in license revenue is set at the Fraunhofer IBP works currently, for example, in the development of a highly efficient and energy-saving method for the thermal insulation of buildings. Another project supported by the Foundation pursues the goal of increasing the well-being of people in their workplace through the development of a sound smell absorber. With this, noise caused by the colleagues, as well as odors that are due to for example Bioeffluenten, material and equipment emissions or Raumpflegemittel, should be absorbed as space-saving. The widely known steam brake”, which the thermal insulation of buildings through the use of certain room side almost foils diffundierendem steam and hence attics, for example, dampness and mold protects, was developed with funds of gypsum-School Foundation. The plaster Schule Foundation future space Congress initiated by the Fraunhofer IBP also promotes school”.

Aim is holistic solutions for the receivership,”school is to find doing renovation according to the Bund Deutscher Architekten every second school in Germany. “The Fraunhofer IBP has recognized this urgent need for action and therefore the interdisciplinary conference future space school” launched, the architects, educators, specialists in the field of construction physics and actors from politics to holistic solutions for the remediation work together. The support of the young and the teaching is accompanied by with the aim of promoting research for the gypsum-School Foundation. The establishment of a gypsum Schule professorship, so an additional professorship financed by the Foundation for economic psychology, at the Faculty of economic is currently planned and Social Sciences”of the University of Hohenheim. This project can as well as promoting Congressional future space school”of the Fraunhofer IBP considered exemplary for a major concern of plaster Schule Foundation: support for interdisciplinary research projects between natural sciences, humanities and economics. The all-encompassing views on a problem, which is possible only through the cooperation of different scientific disciplines, is often essential when it comes to finding a solution that is as meaningful and efficient”is Thomas Ducree sure.