Highly Effective People

In a recent article published in the mycustomer.com community, the expert Stephen Covey explains as the organizations can make cultural a change internal, of the model of the industrial era, to the model of the era of the knowledge of the worker to give him to be able for the decision making to the employees and to improve the yield of the organizations. The socially responsible companies would not have to only serve their communities, they would have to also serve to their own employees and/or organization internamente. It is important to be an organization or socially responsible person, but to socially obtain the greater effectiveness and concerning businesses, it is important to consider the organizational culture to reach to the success. Stansberry often says this. Taking as she bases east article published by Louise Druce, we wished to share with our community of followers, the importance of making this type of cultural change in the organizations. In some cases we make our additional contributions to the declared thing by the author.

Stephen Covey, a person who has dedicated her life to demonstrate that any person, any level, can be a leader if it receives the suitable direction, supports trying totally to give to be able to the employees for the decision making. He has been outstanding as one of the 25 influential Americans but according to the Time magazine magazine and has written several books, between which the called book 7 The Habits of Highly Effective People, has been named the book of businesses with but it influences of century 20. Covey has seen that the panorama of businesses has changed dramatically with time, with the new technologies and new forms to work. But it argues that the power that has the employees for the decision making has maintained equal, thus many models of businesses suggest this must increase.

Technological Service Center

Since January 20, the Science and Technology Service Center of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd began a week-long training, senior engineer of R & D centers and outsourced manufacturers, technical director was invited to become part of the purchased equipment, as guest speakers, including new products, electronic control systemthe focus of training and further promote the implementation of standardized customer service. According to the call center manager, before the formulation of the training content of each installation and technical personnel to submit a report on the equipment usage site feedback and enhance the program report. Is aggregated, targeted the process of arranging training and speakers. Purchased equipment in support of the Ministry of Supply, inviting outsourcing manufacturers of professional training system of electronic control and professional equipment. In 2012, hydraulic cone crusher, sand maker mobile crushing station, the European version of the mill layout of a number of key products in the market in full swing, the strong pre-sales technical support and after-sales support will become a high value-added products. On the basis of the original product knowledge training to deepen and expand the technical points and made a targeted solution according to the device using the situation in the site feedback to further improve the basis of the production line, installation, commissioning and maintenance of technical standards.impact crusher: cement making plant: Call center in the professional development and continuous integration of human and material resourcesimprove service efficiency, established the first time to resolve customer issues, the purpose and sense of service and process. Return customers feedback, the 2011 annual customer satisfaction has a new promotion. After the end of the new round of training, call center technology to re-embarked on a Quartet the journey. In the coal mines, sand plant, the dawn of customer service with the most intimate way with customers direct exchange in a timely, professional service for our customers to solve the problem. Listen to your suggestions, and enhance our service to the Hongxing Service on the road.