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Warning Negele, Zimmel, GREUTER, Beller on behalf of M.I.C.M. MIRCOM international content management & Consulting Ltd. for the erotic film ‘ passion currently warns the firm Negele, Zimmel, GREUTER, Beller on behalf of M.I.C.M. MIRCOM international content management & Consulting Ltd. for the supposed copyright infringement from the illegal download / upload from so-called Internet sharing with regard to the erotic film “Passion”. Here she sent cease and desist letters, which essentially required the signing of a cease and desist, damages and legal costs. What should I do if I have received such a warning? In case of such a warning, you stay once calm in any case. Note the very short deadline and contact definitely not the watchdog Office.

Sign nothing and pay anything before you have not previously obtained the advice of a qualified attorney for copyright. In many cases, the warnings are not necessarily fully accept. If you not in contact with the industrial firm have recorded and contact us, we can help you very well, because we know the top current jurisprudence of the OLG Cologne and BGH. We do not recommend you to instruct counsel General because you just need to know this special knowledge, such as the case-law and the corresponding argument in such a matter. Let you help themselves in any case by a qualified lawyer of copyright law, because you you otherwise in the next 30 years of legal consequences of such punitive cease and desist, as you, threatened with several thousand euros at once again determine of your IP address”are. Georg Schafer lawyer

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If the person does not have to be able to increase its stature, as goes to take off the life of its fellow creature? GOD created all the beings with the Stamp of Its Eternity, and allowed the Law of the Reincarnation so that no Creature is in the damage. Therefore, nobody goes to diminish Its Largeness being tried to estiolar Its creation. You will not kill 6 Because the affliction does not come of the dust, and is not of the land that sprouts the boredom. 7 But the man is born for the boredom, as the sparks of live coals fly for top. 8 As for me, I would search the God and it would deliver my cause. Book of J Prophet, CAP. 5:6 the 8.

You give much attention and you look at with gratitude All existing life. GOD left in the land and all the other worlds These said deep: ' ' You multiply you and you grow and the land enchei' '. It gave to Life the Nature, He fulled the fields of flowers, and he would never destroy, This exuberant beauty. Therefore, that the Humanity, Must full itself of fraternity, and increase the existence That GENTLEMAN of the Onipotncia Always donated, and to the man its goods trusted All.