School Management

TURNING EDUCAO Education in Brazil our object of study for history start the subject that I allude here is the pertaining to school management therefore is the start of everything. The school is not of no society neither subordinated without having its freedom the school is the part and the end this yes is a truth. The school must accept the reality global the manager as mediating of the natural progress it must be somebody endowed with cultural wealth. Thus it is that the LDB focused the question goals and stated periods are tracings prioritizing education and the success of everything starts for the management. The LDB details what it expects of the manager therefore inside and outside of the school is the articulador and of the pertaining to school projects must be the motivador. The direction of the necessary school of autonomy to delegate responsibilities however to be the hand that guides with efficient security and much wisdom.

It is the paper of the direction to keep the intermeshing of all faculty also to have knowledge of the school and the pupils to have total discernment. If the professor teaches finishes being taught if the professor also influences is influenced if the professor it also respects will be respected. For success of the school it depends on some factors such as infrastructure and dynamic educators a democratic management of the progress entendedores. What if it waits of a manager is that he is democratic respects the diversity and he is not dogmtico has vision of the future is versatile and practical. For the democratic management front to the pressures effective the necessary engaged director to be condizente with the reality of the internal school and external. The principles of a democratic management and citizen start with the pluralism commitment eagerness evidencing the values to have the one courage tit. Alzenira Rodrigues/2011

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