Collective Transport Joevanza

One another one evidences of that is that they are costumam to charge ethical relationships with customers, suppliers. the manager of any organization cannot be stolen to search to each day that this relationship is constant in the area that it manages. More important and necessary it is to understand that the ethics come also with the moral values that the managers not only develop in the environment of studies throughout its educational process, but with familiar and social values. The ethics and the logistic one can and must walk together, the professional of logistic must inside promote this marriage of the organizations. For more specific information, check out Pinterest. Searching not only the objective of the financial profit, but above all to invest in its bigger patrimony that is the people who are part also of this logistic chain. As example of ethical relationship inside of an organization we cite the case of the Company of Collective Transport Joevanza in Salvador.

Through a behavior of valuation of the professional through its social service and of the agreement of its direction of that its bigger patrimony is its collaborators, they had started to invest in physical structure as: academy inside of the garage, and also motivacionais structure with nutritionist, lectures and training for its collaborators who exert leadership positions; the company started to have a bigger participation of sweats collaborators. Where the ethics enter in this company? It presents itself in its relationship with its employees searching makes to feel itself it important in the great process of development of the activities of the company. Consequently causing a positive impact in the opinion she publishes about the cited company. Of that it was presented, it can conclude that or the organizations and its managers start to develop an ethical relationship with its collaborators or the damages happened of one neglect with a so important aspect can be devastadores. The ethics lack can cause to desmotivao of its collaborators affecting all the productive chain of a company, as well as its image before its customers and suppliers.

In synthesis it fits to the manager to all develop ethical relationships in the process of the logistic chain, wants either in the production, stockage, distribution and the too much processes related to this important sector of the organization. Without, however to forget that in all this process the people deserve a bigger attention and one better relationship ethical.

Academic Formation

I formed; now? Today academic formation already left of being a differential to enter itself the work market. The organizations are in search of professionals capable to add value in time and minimum cost to them, with this the professional experience started to be requisite indispensable in the market. what they make to that they had not yet had chance to show its talent? To that they had finished to conclude the college? This is one of the great challenges for those candidates who leave of being students to become professional. The great problem that they find is the fact to leave the college only with a theoretical basement. Without having had the chance to enter in the market during the college, they appear to the difficulties to initiate the career. What it happens is that each time more the professional companies have searched ' ' maduros' ' , what many times do not want to say able or apt to execute definitive functions, what counts is that professional has ' ' x' ' years of experience in the area. Years of restricted experience to an only area, many times until obsolete, sobressai to the knowledge that take care of the real necessities of the market. The majority of the organizations is not enough with the fact of the person to have experience acquired in the life, for they what it counts is the time of that professional has in the wallet, for which company it passed and what it made for there. With this it finishes not giving chance for that they had acquired experience with independent works, without lucrative ends, and that many times are very better that the old professionals of house whom if they find for there. To these new professionals they remain to be antenados with the necessities of the market, in a search without end of knowledge to become the resume most attractive.