The question arises – why the Kazakh delegation held separate talks with the Americans, British and other Western partners, strongly opposed the very Kazakhstan? After such behavior hard to imagine how the Republic of Kazakhstan intends to "give a clear idea of the challenges facing the OSCE?" If Astana job is to "sell" its geopolitical allies, we must admit that of the OSCE and Kazakhstan in this regard will not "cloudless" future, as problems facing the organization should truly decide, and not "breed", as now adopted in Kazakh politics. Today Kazakhstan – a country that is in anticipation of large-scale economic and political crisis. And, in Basically, there is nothing to answer it. The only force that can help in such situations has been and remains the only Russian. However, it remains notorious "multi-vector" – the most "valuable" acquisition in Kazakhstan over the years.

It is a pity that none so it really did not see, neither understood nor recognized. And if by this we mean the behavior of multi-vector is like a Kazakh delegation led by the OSCE Ministerial Council, that this does not go far. We should also point to the imminent developments. Avoidance of "commitments to the OSCE," which can not be avoided Astana, will sharp criticism from the European countries. As a result, today's "diplomatic triumph of Kazakhstan" will be political end to "the best friend of Russia," Nazarbayev. The same OSCE member states that so zealously prevented the presidency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and to whom so "suddenly" had joined the country itself will be biased to observe the actions of the Astana regime during 2008-2010.

Debt Collection

Doing business – it is always a risk, and more than expected income, the greater the risk. Legal persons who have their services without payment, are often faced with the problem of debt collection. Partner may become debtors because of certain circumstances (crisis, emergencies). Often, small debt can pay their own delivery of services (offsets). So come in if the lender actually need the services debtors. If the scope of their business is different, or we are talking about different orders of the cost per unit, the recovery of debts can not be mutual.

Even more difficult to collect the debt from the company or entity, if they using special schemes for fraud, and debt had been scheduled. On debt, you as a director, you can do to make their subordinates. But they are not always qualified, and the plan can not succeed. In Currently, debt collection – one of the most frequently reschaemyh issues in arbitration. Entrust to write statements to the court and case management best professionals – lawyers or lawyers.

If you have a small firm, then content of the lawyer in the state can be expensive, and the successful recovery of the debt then becomes even more important, as every penny counts. In the collection of debts to court can not even be necessary if the lawyer correctly amount to a letter in which the company describes the essence of the case, its claims with reference to certain articles of the RF legislation. Debt Collection in Lipetsk – one of the most common problems, like any dynamic city. Solve it in the pretrial and trial procedures can easily at the law office. It is worth noting that to apply for debt recovery tribunal has meaning only if there are real objects of property or money money with which to pay debts.