The Hospital

Both optical systems represent an optimum ratio between magnification, depth of field and linear field of view. The choice depends on what Optical characteristics are preferred specialist for a more accurate and predictable result. In the market there is increasing spectacle optics, where you can adjust the working distance to the observed object, the magnification […]

New Year Gifts

New Year – the most coveted, iconic and charismatic holiday of the year. Compared with New Year celebrations all the rest – the same duty and is usually overshadowed by the headache of those who were forced in the short term look for an unusual gift, or prepare for the birthday greetings original. New year […]


The question arises – why the Kazakh delegation held separate talks with the Americans, British and other Western partners, strongly opposed the very Kazakhstan? After such behavior hard to imagine how the Republic of Kazakhstan intends to "give a clear idea of the challenges facing the OSCE?" If Astana job is to "sell" its geopolitical […]