Applications in the urban areas, agricultural and enterprise in question, come being carried through for diverse organizations. In this monograph some sets of pointers for evaluation of ambient support will be presented directed toward the enterprise area, with emphasis in the industry of the oil and national gas. 3.1. General objective To determine pointers to […]

National Advice

Stacks and batteries possess a useful life, and to the end of this, they are discarded. This discarding must be differentiated of the common domestic garbage, therefore the components of stacks and batteries possess metals weighed in its composition and if discarded in the environment of inadequate form they can in general cause serious curses […]

Belm Symbol

Being the jewel a symbol of being able and social status, without forgetting that the symbolism is moved by the cultural factors that influence the purchase behavior, that they are the responsible ones for the meaning of the object, and is there that the creation of the jewel enters. The product has as objective main […]

Classroom Work

The project was incorporated by other professors and teachers who turn in this a safe and efficient form to work the subject, then they had been joined the idea. To work the awareness it stops with the environment is necessary more than what never to awake a feeling of sensitivity and commitment with the continuity […]

Your Road To Success

If you’ve spent several months on the internet and we’ve got results let me ask you a question: do not you’re thinking that you’ve failed not? If so I can tell you that you are wrong. Contrary to what you think I think that you’re very close to win. Why?Simply because you’ve reached the point […]


Second (STOCK, 1998), logistic reversa is an area with great amplitude for study is inserted in logistic enterprise, that in turn is inserted in the management of the suppliment chain, whose its main activity is to put into motion corresponding products, goods and information they, for all the productive chain. In contrast of logistic the […]


They must individually be applied and to follow rules of election of the sample. The report of the quantitative research, beyond interpretations and conclusions, must show to tables of percentages and graphs. They are the seven necessary stages for the accomplishment of a quantitative research: 1) Definition of the objective of the research, 2) Definition […]