Belm Symbol

Being the jewel a symbol of being able and social status, without forgetting that the symbolism is moved by the cultural factors that influence the purchase behavior, that they are the responsible ones for the meaning of the object, and is there that the creation of the jewel enters. The product has as objective main to be recognized as innovative, come back toward the social responsibility in the transformation of a harmful product for the environment in jewel of emotional value. It will enter in the market, first as faith symbol and having a necessity at this time and all the other months, the importance to all have a symbology of our culture in the people who believes. First the product it will arrive as it has drunk a toast to the customers, since in Belm, the commerce has for culture, to presentear at the time of the wax candle, the customers with shirts, caps, flammules, at last toasts with the images of Ns Sr de Nazar, toasts these that appear of a on emotiva necessity to the symbol of the Christian faith. In the current crisis that if it initiated for the financial area, and whose consequences if had spread over all the sectors of the real economy, he is very fearful to make any prognostic.

However, it is possible to identify some trends that will be able to favorably contribute for the segment of jewels and knicks-knack. With the growth of the uncertainties on the life in the planet, the trend of the population is to migrar for products that help in the preservation of the environment. It is there that the chance for this segment inhabits, since offers a recycled and innovative product. For being a sustainable project that if it relates to the jewel creation with thematic religious (Wax candle of Nazar), this product a bigger interest of the devoted population awakes, what it facilitates its commercialization.

Classroom Work

The project was incorporated by other professors and teachers who turn in this a safe and efficient form to work the subject, then they had been joined the idea. To work the awareness it stops with the environment is necessary more than what never to awake a feeling of sensitivity and commitment with the continuity of the terrena life. FREIRE, 1989 already said: ' ' The contents are important, but we need to teach the people to be gente' '. This idea comes of meeting with what it was thought about developing in this shining work. To be people is to make this accurately, is to take care of of our way, is to have, over all, life perspective.

Of this form, I, professor Lairton and the too much professors we are fascinated by the good one resulted who the project had. Emotive it is to see the productions in form of poetry and the day that was programmed to visualize works in the covered area were of arrepiar. Therefore to believe a world better valley the penalty, still more when thought well and worked with the children and the young well. Congratulations we educators! Therefore, we believe a continuity of the life and the future generations. In if speaking of ambient sensitization, the works carried through in the school, of the professors and pupils instigated in the search of ' ' novo' ' , we must also focus, the indignation of ' ' Classe' ' educator on its ' ' vencimentos' '. She is, we do not have to forget this, therefore, the collection of good work, to have its material in day, to be critical in the development of the lessons, to fill call passbooks, the hand: error-free, nor blots. To give same lesson with health problems, therefore, it is the only Classroom that has that to restitute the day in case of absence in the work. (Source: Ali Aboutaam).

Your Road To Success

If you’ve spent several months on the internet and we’ve got results let me ask you a question: do not you’re thinking that you’ve failed not? If so I can tell you that you are wrong. Contrary to what you think I think that you’re very close to win. Why?Simply because you’ve reached the point where most surrendered, has given up and has already left. Those are the opportunists who generally seek to magical immediate results without effort, and in addition, believe to be able to get something without giving anything. On the other hand if you’ve come this far and have not decided to surrender, then, from now be part of that another group comprising those who are beginning to get results by their determination and their firm determination to win and achieve success. Surely you know that to win we need make mistakes, give against the wall and even lose some things. But the big difference that perhaps does not distinguish, is that now you know selecting the information and accounts with invaluable experience of your own mistakes. You are starting to be a true entrepreneur, but with experience not as before, and go directly on the way to become a professional e-commerce.

So that it abandon it isn’t for you, it is only some vague thought that remain in the past. I ask that reflections and to see the difference between today and when you started. When did you had nothing you’ve treasured experience, little or much but now you have it. That is your capital, large or small, but capital at last. Never think that you have nothing, because we have what is needed. Now I just want to leave you some important success phrases because I prefer that you strenghthen your attitude and increase your efforts to arrive at the goal you’ve set. They are important phrases so that you have them always present.


Second (STOCK, 1998), logistic reversa is an area with great amplitude for study is inserted in logistic enterprise, that in turn is inserted in the management of the suppliment chain, whose its main activity is to put into motion corresponding products, goods and information they, for all the productive chain. In contrast of logistic the traditional one that acts in the flow of the exit of the products since the beginning of the manufacture until the o consumption of the finished product, aiming at to take care of to the customer of agile form with an excellent level of service, logistic reversa is worried as it will be made the return of the products, materials and parts for the origin company. In the concept of Rogers & Tibben-Lembke (1999) is considered as: the process of planning, implantation and control of flow-efficient and low cost of materials, supply of processes, supply of products, supply of finished products as well as information related, since the consumption point until the one of origin, with the purpose to recoup the value or to make the discarding of the adequate form. The efficiency of Logistic reversa can present good or bad results, this if must some critical factors that condition the system (Rogers and Tibben-Lembke, 1999): Controls of entrances (GateKeeping); Mapping and formalizao of the process; Time of cycles of the products; Systems of information; e? Relation between customer and supplier. It is necessary to correctly identify the state of the materials that return, in order to facilitate to the flow reverse and to guarantee that its reutilizao can occur of adequate form and hinder that material inadequate they generate unnecessary expenditures and services. A logistic system of reversa must be brought up to date well, therefore m unbalanced system can bring difficulties in the course of the process.


They must individually be applied and to follow rules of election of the sample. The report of the quantitative research, beyond interpretations and conclusions, must show to tables of percentages and graphs. They are the seven necessary stages for the accomplishment of a quantitative research: 1) Definition of the objective of the research, 2) Definition of the population and the sample, 3) Elaboration of the questionnaires, 4) Collection of data (field), 4) Processing of the data (tabulao), 6) Analysis of the results, and 7) Presentation and spreading of the results. Sensu of Enterprise Logistic course MBA in and Supply Chain of the Uninove had been carried through 101 interviews for the pupils of broad after-graduation and analyzed factors of perception of the consumer that influence its decision at the moment of choice of a device of mobile telephony and its discarding. 6.ANLISE OF the DATA the superiority indicates, for example, in Picture 7 below, that how much the Durability of the Device, in the band of less than 25 years, 23 of the 101 met that they had answered the questionnaire, being that 49.8% consider important the durability very, however, in the band of 36 the 40 years it is that the superiority is bigger, of 53%. How much to the size, the ones that less are imported with this characteristic are of the band enter 26 the 30, and the ones that more they are imported are of the band above of the 41. The superiority indicates, for example, in Picture 8 below, that how much the Assistance Technique, in the band of less than 25 years, 23 of the 101 met that they had answered the questionnaire, being that 47.04% consider very important that the Assistance Technique must make responsible in guiding how much the discarding of the used device, however, in the band of the 41 years it is that the superiority is bigger, of 61,40%. .