Winter Horticulture

Winter gardens are the most beautiful additions to a home. Winter gardens – pros and cons of winter gardens are the most beautiful additions to a House. The classic conservatories are built largely of glass and different Windows, so they represent a very beautiful and bright room. A winter garden caused by the way, no […]

Hamburg Director

Due to a rising number of customers work stage specialist and owner of AFI extends its machine park Hamburg, October 16, 2013. Recently, the first contract awarded over 50 sky Jack scissor platforms and the machines delivered. Now, AFI signed Managing Director Gunther Aust and Charlie Patterson, Managing Director of Sky Jack Europe, the follow-up […]

Gas Water Heater

Gas water heater is more expensive than electric, but the cost of gas, hot water is lower than electricity. So if you have a large consumption of water and supplied with gas, it might be worth just buy a gas water heater instead of electric. Electric storage water heaters because of its simplicity and reliability […]