Prefabricated House Please

The advantages and disadvantages of a prefab home a prefabricated house is prefab therefore, because the required components for the construction of a prefab home not on a construction site, but already in the factory were produced. Or else: the factory then at least the elements for the walls of prefabricated House are fabricated in […]

Parquet Berlin

Parquet Berlin professionals for floor coverings, whether for remodeling, new construction or renovation, good floor coverings complete the ambience in private or commercial premises. Parquet Berlin is a specialist company headquartered in the capital city, which offers plenty of other surfaces in addition to the popular high-quality solid wooden floors. Including carpet, PVC, laminate, linoleum, […]

CASA VITRUM Invites Lifestyle Day 2008 A

The winter garden factory loads this year again after wages a wages/Westf hosts CASA VITRUM presents LebensArt in wages at the 31.8.08 – the factory for winter gardens, CASA VITRUM GmbH produces contemporary and individual construction elements made of aluminum and invites you as organizer of the lifestyle day after wages. On Sunday August 31, […]

Infrastructure Construction Industry

It is reported that, recently, the National Development and Reform Commission focus approving 55 infrastructure projects, including 25 rail projects, 13 road construction projects, 10 municipal class project and seven ports, waterway projects. The total investment of the 55 infrastructure projects is nearly trillion, which will not only stimulate the short term demand, but also […]

ACFA Solar

EASY SOLAR brings solar technology with optimized efficiency of SOLAR EASY builds and supplies solar systems for the most diverse requirements, to achieve optimum efficiency with the proviso. “We have over 30 years of solar technology experience the needs of homeowners and packages for the manufacturer met on the other side,” says Wolfgang Peter, Managing […]

Hamburg Director

Due to a rising number of customers work stage specialist and owner of AFI extends its machine park Hamburg, October 16, 2013. Recently, the first contract awarded over 50 sky Jack scissor platforms and the machines delivered. Now, AFI signed Managing Director Gunther Aust and Charlie Patterson, Managing Director of Sky Jack Europe, the follow-up […]

Gas Water Heater

Gas water heater is more expensive than electric, but the cost of gas, hot water is lower than electricity. So if you have a large consumption of water and supplied with gas, it might be worth just buy a gas water heater instead of electric. Electric storage water heaters because of its simplicity and reliability […]