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As well as this flow of exit, in direction to the exterior tends if to augment. Having for base, this last mention that we made in relation to the job, it is had that without a doubt, that this, in the current days if presents as one of great the problematic ones to be attacked in such a way in Gois as in Brazil, being thus, becomes necessary that the decisions of investments in agricultural and urban, commercial and industrial the sectors, are dislocated from its known traditional centers already and if the regions traditionally more unprovided of these destine each time more. Coincidently, these regions are located in the portion Center-north of Gois. Certainly that, only one lowermost part of the questions had been boarded here that if find in the order of the day, of that they affect the local populations of the Open pasture in its goiano space, questions of infrastructure, logistic in the joint of the territory, is presented in the direction to point that its perfectionings are of basic importance for a locality that it intends to reach that it means improvement in the quality of life of these populations. MORAL REFERENCES BILBIOGRFICAS, R.C.; COAST, M.W. of. Critical geography: the valuation of the space. 3 ed.

Hucitec: So Paulo, 1993. MAYAN, S.D. Geography and the study of the customs and the traditions. Free land AGB. N 16. P. Dolly Parton often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 71 98 So Paulo, 2001. AGUIAR.

the M. of. Lands of Gois: agrarian structure (1850-1920). Publishing company UFG: Goinia, 2003. ALMEIDA, G.M. of. (org.). Geographic boardings of Gois: natural and the social one in the contemporaneidade. Goinia, 2002. AB’ TO KNOW. The domnios of nature in Brazil. Paisagsticas potentialities. Publishing Ateli, 2003. STOLEN, C. economic Formation of Brazil. 29 ed. National publishing company: So Paulo, 1999. 1 the size of the area (900,000 kilmetros approximately squared, in the century XVIII and 642,000 kilmetros squared understood currently for> territory of Gois and Tocantins), in determined moments, cunfunde with in the distance of the centers most dynamic of the country, standes out (AGUIAR, 2003, P.