MOST Forum 2010: GADV Presents New ECL Test Unit For MOST Components

ECL test unit of GADV generated and verified the signaling traffic of electrical control line in the MOST reliable network GADV, Automatisierungsdienstleister and test house, offering the new ECL test unit (ETU001) the reliable solution for generating and verifying of the electrical control line of components in the signal transport network (media oriented system transport). The electrical control line specification Rev 1.01 are the requirements in MOST applications before. The activities on this control line are to investigate and to influence for testing and simulation purposes. The ECL test unit provides extensive functionality and various modes. So the system tests can be run and generate wake-up signals electrical.

The system is designed both for a master / slave simulation as well as a single / multi-node-class simulation. The ECL monitor allows a continuous edge, and pulse detection and displays nominal and error signals. In addition, the test unit different possibilities concerning the manipulation of the timing and recognizes Signal interference and collisions. The manual activation of a wake-up signal via a button. The Kapasi’s impedance is adjustable. The ECL test unit conforms to the electrical control line specification Rev 1.01 of the MOST cooperation. The ECL test unit at the exhibition the most is presented on March 23, 2010 Forum in Frankfurt. GADV GADV, the society for automation with computers mbH, headquartered in Boblingen offers technical software and system solutions.

Founded in 1977, GADV supports medium-sized and large industrial enterprises in demanding automation and streamlining tasks with a focus on technical and administrative systems as well as on the automation of technical processes. Solutions and services are offered for test automation, automated testing of commandable systems, test management, Assembly and production control. The product creation accompanied GADV from pre-development to production use. The solutions and systems for automotive manufacturers are used and -suppliers, medical device technology, as well as in machine and plant construction.