Master Merlin Of The Medieval Knight

Among all the characters in the Arthurian legend, Merlin is the most complex, and therefore the hardest to understand. Not in vain, some see it as divine qualities, and regard him as more than a man, as a spirit that responds to superior forces and which has a higher purpose. While it is true that in the literature there are other figures with clear similarities, as e.g. Gandalf in the Lord of the rings, some features and aspects of Merlin make it a unique character. For more specific information, check out Pinterest. Some sources/interpretations described him as a pagan sorcerer. Others, as I have already said, believe that it is of an immortal being, born of the own magic and that walk the world with a purpose unknown by everyone except for himself. And well get Merlin keep secret their purposes.

Say that the goal of Merlin is the help Arthur become a worthy King for Camelot would see only one side of the coin. Yes, certainly this is among his plans, and is something which puts all your effort, and hence to become counselor, mentor and guide both him and his Knights. But Merlin thinks that a medieval knight is much more than a man skilled with the sword, and that fills the mouth of words like honor, courage, and justice. It has been said that Merlin sees in the hearts of men, and due to his high virtues is capable of seeing through the vanity, greed and deception with the same ease that a cat sees at night, and often prevents Arthur and the Knights against the power of such destructive feelings. He knows better that nobody that everything that is good has a price which must be paid. And at the end of the day, what really matters is to discover whether this price is worth or not. But when he sees that their tips are not heard, and that such feelings linger in the hearts of men again arising, Merlin decides to deprive Arturo of all the gifts that he has given him, to see them turned into a nightmare, including Excalibur and their wise advice.