Human Resources Marketer

In short, human capital provided with vocational training (NS) has decreased around 19.7%. By contrast, human capital contributed by workers with NMS has a 18.5% growth, the two remaining groups (Table 4.7 nm and also shows how the average age indicator increases to 2.5 years due to assimilation of this group of workers and instead spent time workers the company presents a decrease at the end of 2007 of 4.2 years, factors that negatively impact due to disproportionate number of workers to the company in the selection process and training in making work experience and the assimilation of know-how in the company, determinant factors for the valuation of human capital. The current situation (Close Year 2007) broken down Human Resources in the company as its structure is shown in Table 4.8, below: Table 4.8. Current Situation of Human Resources Marketer Z. Source: Close in December 2007. The data for calculating the various indexes and indicators pertaining to the period between January and December 2007. As can be seen in the indicator mean age of 42.3 years, structural units with the greatest impact on the growth of the indicator are the UEB Santiago de Cuba, Mariel UEB Warehouse Base, the Department of Human Resources and Services Unit Administrative, within which there is an appropriate mix of experience and youth workers mainly from the commercial area specialists on the contrary and was factor analyzed above average residence time workers in the company is only three years, which is contradictory since the company was founded in 1992, but was looking that your situation is caused by income the mass of workers to the company, the units with the highest incidence are the UEB Granma, Las Tunas and Havana (projected for the month of January 2008), which were created with the total UEB workers absorbed by the company in this situation are also two storage base, but its value as an indicator has higher specific gravity. .