Hamburg Creativity Training

In a new seminar of the training company Voss + partner, Hamburg, specialists and managers get to know several creative techniques. Success through guided creativity”. So reads the title of a seminar for self-employed as well as specialists and managers, which performs the Hamburg-based training company Voss + partner for the first time in the framework of its summer school. “The participants learn in the one-day intensive seminar for flashes of genius”, which will take place on 17 July and 14 August, including several creative techniques know that even non-creative “can design new products and problem solutions. In the seminar the participating specialists and executives deal first with the question of what being creative means. While the seminar leader gives Sandra Pickert, inter alia with the prejudice, just be creative artists as well as members of such professions, such as graphic designers and copywriters. The participants are also with the framework conditions, which should be given, so that new thoughts and ideas sprout.

“Also they learn several exercises, to put in the required mood and to activate your brain so that flashes of genius” arise. Then, practice, and train the participants several creative techniques to stimulate the flow of ideas. These include among others the head stand technology, the emotive word analysis, the Brainwriting, and the node technology. This is the overarching aim: each participant to discover for yourself its personal favorite creative technique that suits him and his duties. “The participation of the day seminar success through guided creativity” on July 17 or on 14 August in Hamburg costs 245 euro (+ VAT). A person participates in other seminars of the summer school, whose price is reduced to 145 euros. For more info about the creative seminar as well as the further within the framework of the seminars offered summer school refer to those interested in the Voss + Partner GmbH. (website:, email:;) Phone: 040/7900767-0).