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Equal, whether addressed a campaign on the Board of management, marketing, sales or IT head of Dax listed companies or to the Chief Executive Officer of small and medium-sized enterprises. BRC’s trained and experienced staff of triveo will find the correct words, Act and respond sensitively and situational, not only due to their respective leadership, but also industry-specific. Because triveo automotive topics as well at home as in the field of investment goods, IT, chemical and energy industry. Persistence and tenacity it is the BRC experts of triveo in the acquisition work not only to generate short-term leads, but medium to long term to fill the sales pipeline with valuable contacts and to create opportunities. Through the systematic and structured communication on the highest possible level of contact via phone, eMail and social media channels with the decision-makers of the appropriate target groups has been shown significantly higher sales are achieved. A successful dialogue marketing campaign can ever boast success rates in the double-digit range. This focus of triveo on the quality over the quantity of telephone sales and counseling sessions. There is also a CRM system available, to improve to manage customer relationships effectively, to document and to communicate within a company and the interaction with customers individually tailored to a company for a quality lead management with

“Information that is unique to a customer, can be entered clearly in the sales of the CRM system database and in the cloud” these pending at any time from any location for the appropriate staff available. Call centre was yesterday the B2B telemarketing Specialist triveo sees itself not as a classic”call center. triveo is the first German Agency, which to the B2B lead generation automation with Teleprospecting uses marketing and is more than a trade with clear rules of the game and skills telesales, understanding that it is regarded as only the handset in the hand”to take.