ERP For Accounting

10 years ago back the countable systems like Peachtree, Quickbooks and others entered the market of the SMEs, immediately I am positioned like the tool that the SMEs had to use for knowing the reality of the companies. This consequently brought an absolute power of the accounting on the companies and that the owners of the companies lost the control of the company against the fiscal reality. After the innovations within the technology, the development of computer sciences and the fast growth of the companies, the countable systems were being obsolete against questions like planning of resources, point of balance, integration of data, security of the information, and strategic decision making, reduction of costs and increase of the income. On the basis of these needs they are born in the great companies the concept of ERP, in English these abbreviations mean human Enterprise, Resource Schedule, because the companies realized that the countable systems were obsolete against realities like competividad, resources, handling of purchases, inventories, expenses, and all this information integrated and controlled from a point centralized without having this following an accountant, but the company needed to have a globalised approach more than local. The ERP began in the great companies and with running of the years now ERP for the small companies exist.

This allows that the SMEs begin to consider aspects like balance point one by one, of marketing of relation, relation clients of expenses of one by one, handling of requisitions, to right away obtain information like utilities, gains, growth of clients and all a variety of managemental information without having to depend on restrictive information as they appear in the countable systems, that its interpretation is exclusive of the accountant. Another element that contributes great advantages of the ERP to the SMEs is the reduction of the curve of learning in the qualification of the personnel in the use of the tools of the system. The ERP also help the SMEs to work on the basis of policies and not to the improvisation or the empiricist like at present they most of administer the SMEs in our means. At this moment in our country, a single system ERP for accounting exists and is only wndy2008. If you wish to know if the system that it has in his company is a ERP, pregntele to the people operates that it, if the system allows the integration of all the data of the companies, without duplicity of the information and that exists the data are registered directly from the source, without having the personnel who to know absolutely nothing of accounting. According to many of articles related to this subject, one calculates that within 10 years there will be no necessity to have an accountant, but a person who only dedicates itself to the verification of the exits that produce the ERP. All the connoisseurs of the matter of the ERP accounting, can confirm that systems like SAP, JD EDWARD, ORACLE FINANTIAL, MICROSOFT DYNAMICS, and others are the best ERP of the market, but the prices of the same are more between 25 thousand dollars and, but WNDY2008 is the unique ERP designed for the SMEs, with an accessible price and that it picks up all the tasks so that a SME is operated with corporative policies, and not like a hen house. We hope that this article, serves as reference so that you, take the task of investigating the new concept that exists in the market so that the SME that you operate, you am successful.