Create Panoramas 360 And 360 Rounds .

In this work, now hear for the production of virtual travel and spherical Panormo. Suppose you have fotoapporat, certainly digital. And, absolutely does not matter what brand and level. It is important so that he could shoot and save pictures PCs. Some material in the network, scare inaccessible technical equipment to create panoramic photos or virtual tours 360 degrees. I will explain to you how can get avoid significant costs, and learn to make virtual tours and panoramas 360 degrees, using what exists in the stock.

Actually, let's begin. All you will need to work: – Fotoapporat, of course. With cable usb. – Special panoramic picture – done with his own hands: drawings and-HETE enough. I took 3 hours of time working at home.

– Software for panoramas. Recommend that the files of two, they are freely available on the Internet: Autipano with firm Kolor, or same ptgui. But even so, I recommend, of course, buy a license to operate. Possible after the commencement of work. – Stand for fotik – an inexpensive treat that significantly speed up the work. – Software for curling 3d tours. As for me I use additional software to Autopano giga: Autopano tour. Very good to buy a license KRPano to her, many additional features appear. But even so early is possible without it. This will allow easy selection to make great pan 360 degrees, giving good income. How do these bring? Is not difficult. Doing a couple of the first projects to record a presentation on disk and going to the company's director. This business is not untwisted, and in many villages there the need for specialists in this particular case. The principal of your customers are: offices of firms, business centers, offering office space, shops and shopping centers, hotels, resorts, B & Bs, resorts, travel agencies and Travel, saunas, fitness clubs, gyms, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs – places of recreation and entertainment. You can supplement this list is too long. But why use the time to talk, if it is possible to ask purpose, and begin to make money with this incredible business immediately.