The fashionable phrase continues being " the economic crisis mundial" or " the recession mundial". But in spite of everything, it has been seen at different moments from the history of the humanity that in the worse crises have been created the majors fortunes. Then, which is the essential meaning that hides behind the word crisis? The word " crisis" in Chinese it means " oportunidad" and what it really causes a deep crisis is a deep change. Many people throughout the world have stagnated in the old woman paradigms, in the old form to make businesses in the industrial era. All these people who resist to the change, which they live in the past and those that they wish that the things before return to be how, will suffer more and more and at the end of accounts they will be affected. In this she was that she is being called on to us to live, the era of the information, the unique constant is the change a change more and more accelerated. The Internet is creating a true revolution where those people who detect in opportune form tremendous east change, could be protagonists of she was of the information and nonvictims like the people who resist to accept the reality. We want or we do not want, the change is going away to give or one is occurring, then the point is cuestionarte same here in what side of the balance you want to be: in the side of the protagonists or the side of the victims.

Nothing else it has to see what it has happened with the automotive industry, companies like Chrysler and Ford, that was at the time the icon of the industrial era, at the present time is becoming weak and the companies that depend on this sector they are wearing down in simultaneous also. But peculiarly at the same time new companies are arising that are taking an impressive force, creating fortunes at unsuspected levels and all of them are ligatures to the Internet to the digital era. It abre your mind to the change, stops thinking that everything what occurs around the crisis is negative, the crisis can be your better ally. Original author and source of the article