The Psychologist

As reported by the tutor, the only circumstance which could do was to mention his grades were not very good, the note the next day in the consulting psychologist need not have been done by someone else, but by the students themselves. If this were the case, we should evaluate what has led to the least to express this demand, it may be the symptom of the existence of a discomfort, for which also required surgery. At this stage whether there is a case of abuse or not exist and was invented by the student, if the psychologist was not specialized in this field, would be the best time to apply for specialist help to other colleagues, as stated Article 17U-by which the psychologist must be sufficiently trained and specialized, and must recognize the limits of their competence, "If this is the case, would apply, Articles 16U, which the psychologist would maintain its position of independence and autonomy while entering other professionals; 20U-secure connections for other disciplinary areas and to draw-a-23U mutual respect between the psychologist and the professional consulted. Step 3. Rate information and options available Thus, the information we have at the moment, in my opinion, is weak and insufficient to confirm what the real problem to which we are. The psychologist would be risky to do a confirmation that is a case of abuse only based on the interview with the student, as would the claim that is before the symptom of psychological distress situation of the student, which is what causes a reduction in school performance.