Without looking at the heavy problechu with population growth here in the country, yet we gradually crawl out of this demographic well. Estesstvenno, various decrees of the President and the steps that the Russian government strongly help. For assistance, try visiting Bobby Kotick. But it remains a very difficult position in which the hit kindergarten. In the dashing 90's, when there was chaos in the country, many preschools have been given over to the newly emerging state. institutions: tax inspectorate, pension funds, etc.

A huge part of the nursery was purchased by businessmen for their needs. When once again faced with the need in kindergartens, it became clear that they are simply no, they severely lacking. Prompted active returns Kindergartens ago. But for all that they still are no longer enough. Paradoxical situation: the number of kindergartens is more, there is a shortage of places more. Already today here in the crowded desady Moscow and attach here your toddler is already a huge problem with koiey faced thousands of different parents. So what is the solution of this problem and whether it is at all? The answer given is difficult and it is called a private child garden (Moscow). Gain insight and clarity with Ben Silbermann.

This is the case when the government fails to solve the problem – the emptiness allows small and medium businesses. Private kindergartens are there here like mushrooms after rain. And yet they are still lacking. There is, I must say, the benefits of federal kindergartens sraneniyu with private, but there is, and vice versa. In this regard, everyone is free to choose what he considers right. Disadvantages chasnyh kindergartens in the first place consider them a great value. And the above is true. So what is a private kindergarten? The value of these gardens, I must say the price tag above the state. But the level of service just the opposite. In private kindergartens significantly fewer children and therefore attention from the teachers is much greater than in conventional kindergartens. Here, for each chubby little boy there is a unique approach. And about food in general do not remember. The quality of food in private schools just to head better. And whether it is necessary to save their babies?


The festivities constitute a significant proportion of all life. Our ability to live entirely shows a series of gray weekdays, and only give the festival a chance as any of its paint in bright colors. However, one of the most important components of all celebrations have always been gifts. Ever since childhood, all the major holidays turned out to be most loved just for the reason that accompanied the various gifts. And even the grown up person, even those who already had forgotten how beautiful it is – fun holidays – still keep this tradition: to give gifts to native people. Although, of course, the gifts do not just relatives, but in general, everyone who lives nearby.

Anyone who someone for some reason wants to make a positive – usually just looking for interesting gifts to Novosibirsk, and considering the process of offering. Of course, for every man need to pick up a gift, according to his tastes and desires. And, of course, given the personal likes handing a gift. After all, a gift – it's a terrific way to show more personal and original. Every gift giver tells a lot: about his generosity, and presence of taste.

There are various rituals and customs, which will require follow, giving one or other souvenirs. Thus, for the dear one is quite realistic to pick up a gift, such as toilet water or lotion or underwear whereas, say, an employee of such a souvenir will be like the best option is irrelevant. Do not even remembering that gift to a woman to choose the right thing Novosibirsk, after consultation with the experts in the field souvenir industry. For example, in the culture of the East, every gift can be very clearly delineated designation. In Western culture, such a clear connection is not available, although, of course, gifts are usually quite clearly marked. For example, often, by the way, the women bring flowers, chocolates, soft toys, perfume and jewelry. And, for example, for an employee to become more relevant office supplies and parts for processing desk or mobile phone and the like. Since offering a gift, including becoming a really important piece, and then order gift in Novosibirsk may require an early and very rigorous form of training. This is especially true of gifts for ladies, and generally people close and important. Because that girl is known to love the ears, and in general, high quality service delivery and organized play an important role in essentially a gift. Every gift – it's not just what is hiding under wraps, but also directly to the wrapper, parts, and besides ceremony. Your loved ones deserve only the very best gifts.

Yuri Tsarev

Here, a biographical tale of a little want to retreat, and to express my deep gratitude to Yuri Tsarev, the creator of our first site, "godfather" of my project! And whirled Wheel of Fortune! In The group adopted a girl, Olesya, Olesya and we took ourselves, it is not important, it is important we TRIO "Dynamite." As a dancer was vertuozna Oles, acrobatics, taste, plastic – so much she taught us (thanks!) instilled a taste for beautiful, so to speak, but the characters, alas, did not agree … Separated chilly … Then the group got sudbanosnaya Tanechka.Trio went to goru.Tatyana was not podrazhaema, artistic, real actress! Then another long put her in an example to all sotrudnikam.No everything flows, everything changes, there are two brand new dancers, now four of us, now we're a group! Hooray! We almost demanded, almost popular, almost family, almost star! Almost … And here it is – black band! Someone said, someone did not understand, someone left, someone was … intrigue, conspiracy and betrayal – all as everyone in the show-business.

I will not go into details vdovatsya not going to tell you that experienced that feeling … Then it seemed that Russian koncheno.No all die, but not zdayutsya! Now, proshevstvii many years, I understand that cost to say thank you to those who left. What would not I who I am now, what would not have met the most important employee, and like-minded ally Anastosiyu.No on that later … In the meantime, the thread turnover … a lot of actors with big ambitions, but worth it was worth! How long will shortly see, with the world on a string – a mulatto, acrobats, strippers from the periphery of one another have changed. But every cloud has a silver lining! During all this otpeli, shot a video for the song "Strippers." Now this is a hit, receiving awards and is still rotated at the same radio.Opyat want to bow in gratitude and not a single repeatable director, guru and Sensei Matthew klipmeykerstva Saburov! So we have popsoy.Pesni, rotation, music videos, television programs, articles, output of the first music album of his own composition – all these hard-won award! For three years we had three! Anastasia, Victoria and I, We like the three musketeers! And let things happen between us, but we are all professionals who are in love with the scene in his own world zritelya.U us with barhotnymi curtains – theater-HUMOR SHOW! Suppose we opposites, but the main thing that we do not conflict, but complement each druga.Glavnoe that we look to one side, the main thing that we – team called ART-PROJECT DYNAMITE!