The Scope

Be considered Gonzalez, that the quality of life, shows labour is expressed by the degree of spiritual satisfaction of the man with the job that makes reaching its peak when the work becomes its first vital need, State in which the motivation of human beings is the pure pleasure and for work that is intrinsically rewarding and where his consciousness merges with their acts and lost the notion of time and space. The essential factor to achieve a high job satisfaction lies in the richness of the content of work that is carried out and where they are present intellectual elements, initiative, creativity, autonomy, variability and difficulty, and therefore, the individual has to put maximum stress on the use of their working capacity. The fact, that today before a feature of a Venezuelan scenario very turbulent, risky, uncertain, cannot escape the commitment of ensuring compliance of the social responsibility of the company depending on the quality of working life. to do this, for example, the the graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, through the Chair of organizational behavior, has considered that its participants delve into the knowledge and basic tools needed to guarantee the exercise of their profession that is respected, hold a quality of working life, consona with the needs of workers, ensuring that its functions, performances are manifest in a good productivity, satisfaction at work, spirit of membership, team cohesion, achievements for the company, appearance can be checked with the scope of an organizational climate that favors organizational behavior of the company. Objectives to achieve compliance with this commitment to social responsibility in the quality of working life is required to comply with the following objectives. Conditions of safety and well-being at work: This includes reasonable working hours of effort by a standardization of normal weekly work further than the compensation for extra time required; conditions that minimize the risk of diseases and damage; an age limit at work that is potentially harmful to those of lesser or greater age of the established opportunities for continuous growth and security.

Treatment Ovarian Poliquisticos

Natural cures for polycystic ovary syndrome have become the choice of today’s women for its benefits in comparison with other treatment of ovaries poliquisticos. Syndrome of Polycystic ovary (SOP) is generally characterized by problems with ovulation, ovarian cysts, and many other symptoms that are caused by imbalances with their hormones. A large number of different methods are available and here in ovaries Poliquisticos treatment we show them: drugs, surgery and natural treatments. Natural resources for the SOP may include changing your diet and healthy eating that have no side effects at all. In fact, another common symptom for the SOP is the weight gain which can be embarrassing for women. Maintaining weight can be done while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and make style exercise that is beneficial and pleasant.

This what I have commented in previous post but find it me an important factor, you decide to continue or not treating myself I worked to remove the cysts of ovary. The skin such as acne problems are often caused by hormonal problems as well and may affect women who have PCOS, so it is important to maintain good hygiene at all times to keep skin healthy. These ovaries for the SOP poliquisticos treatment can be effective, but only if they are performed as part of everyday life. Surgery may be a treatment of PCOS, but it can also be very risky. In ovaries Poliquisticos treatment we give you more tips are: sleep regular it, a healthy diet, and have an exercise regime.

These are considered as natural cures because there are improvements observed with these methods. The reason for this is that all of these things help to balance their hormones giving a balance to the symptoms of this condition. Drug use is also a method of treatment of ovarian poliquisticos and can improve the imbalances with regard to hormones in the body. However, when treatment is interrupted, the symptoms begin to reappear. The use of these drugs It could help to reduce the symptoms and relieve discomfort, but its effect is only temporary. There are also a large number of side effects that come along with the drug. When the surgery is chosen as the treatment of choice for the SOP, it may be very risky because PCOS is a condition related to the hormone and does not provide a complete cure of the imbalance. Surgery usually involves the removal of a cyst of ovary which may cause concern in women, especially if she has not had children yet. A natural cure for PCOS is your best choice, and I say this from my own experience, I remember that this web ovaries Poliquisticos treatment was created so that you know the treatment to remove ovarian cysts.