Venezuelan SMEs

Companies definitely are identified as major players within the productive system of a country, its operation generates income, jobs and conducive to the country to embark on international marketing in a way that will allow them to plan their economies according to their productivity and what one is able to offer. Therefore, SMEs in the case of Venezuela that concerns us play a determining role in where the state should support them, consider them in their economic programs in their openings, alliances, participation in trade towards penetration of new markets beyond the national border This time, the question is based precisely on SMEs, their role achievement, participation and obstacles. QUESTION 7 .- Evaluate the main obstacles to SME Venezuela to globalization, competitiveness, highlighting what solutions might work so their participation is adequate and to encourage the country's economy. Turn obstacles into strengths. A Definition: Globalization: A set of economic and political changes unleashed in the world from the second half of the 1970s following the expansion of communications and advances in technology.

Among the characteristic features of the gloabalizacion may be mentioned the expansion of trade, the formation of economic blocs, market policies and strengthening the democratic system of government. There are several reasons he main obstacles to SME Venezuela to globalization, we just summarize to what we consider determinants: 1. The slow, red tape and costs in money and time of procedures in public offices are risks too high for Venezuelan SMEs can compete with the production of other countries.

Centre Helios

Although not seem us first printing by all the incongruities that commonly we find us around, in the background if there is this motivation to share. In reality behind each of these inconsistencies is a motif, which if we are able to understand it would facilitate our integration to the environment that surrounds us and sharing in a broader sense what is really wanted. He is definitely noticeable in contributed, sharing implies a motivational factor that gives way to the people feel good, that they identify with those who somehow help you in your growth, who freely share not only their knowledge, sentiment, bounties and everything that you of the fortress in pro to always maintain a high self-esteem. It makes the Centre Helios holism, the question what is really share?, indicate thereon that it is give and receive, always give the best of ourselves to be able to receive what others have to give us; and it is precisely concentrating on giving that we can provide to improve our personal relationships. It happens, that nowadays, people concentrated is more to ask and even require losing sight of what is important and satisfactory that might give first paving the way to to allow our actions to return to us multiplied. If it is correct, all you give return to us after grow and increase both in quantity and in quality and therein lies the importance of knowing how to choose when it comes to giving, otherwise we could be in the position of wishing that you returned to us was different. It is important to take into consideration that we have to give first have, because nobody can actually give what does not. From this point of view it must ask ourselves if we have enough of what we expect to receive because otherwise we are not able to give effectively and of course not receive what we expect.