Polar Colorprint Badge

The badge is a colourful and eye-catching badge polar color print and therefore very popular in the market. The polar color-print, you have a variety of colors for the design of his personal name badge to the selection. You have, for example, the choice of 9 different colors for the front range. So, the nameplate can be optimally adapted to the company logo on the clothing and thus correspond to the overall appearance of the company. Also the badge can be inked also patonengerecht.

Therefore you can fully align the badge to your own corporate design and it fits perfectly into the corporate image. “The frontal plate you can combine with a colored base carrier or also a base metal” select. Here is the option between chrome, stainless steel and gold. The logo is printed according to the individual wishes of the customer on the front panel. It is therefore a very rich in variation name tag, which can be combined as desired.The polar color-print will be printed with a high-resolution, digital UV direct printing. This is possible since recently also in white. The print is protected by a scratch-resistant, highly transparent glass.

Thus a long shelf life. The name tag is slightly domed and has a relatively flat design. Therefore, can it be on the clothes very well and is very kippeln safe when compared to other badge. For the attachment of the polar color prints, the magnetic attachment works well. Here the selection between the magnetic smag is standard for regular clothes and the magnet smag extra, which is suitable for particularly solid or thick clothing, because it provides a very strong grip. Even for smaller print runs, the polar color print is well suited, because it is a high quality product at a reasonable price. It is available in both polar 30 (70x30mm) and polar 35 (80x34mm). The polar color print is one of the individual name tags. If workers always changing a company has, and to flexibly respond to this want this form of name tag works very well. The name cards can be exchanged at any time and the cards are equipped with a new name. Easy to connect to the PC, print and slide it under the visor. The logo remains always on the front panel, so that the nameplate immediately fits into the overall picture.